10 Best Indoor Plants That Produce Oxygen 24/7 – Ideal Bedroom Plants

Heres a list of the top 10 plants for increasing oxygen indoors and these plants not only release oxygen day and night, but also absorb Toxic gases like formaldehyde, benzene and others.
Scientifically, this happens through Crassulasian Acid Metabolism (CAM) type of photosynthesis can produces oxygen in night. Normally for Oxygen to be release there has to be photosynthesis which occurs only in the presense of light whether natural light or your indoor lights. Here is the list of these plants:

Watch video for the number of plants per person per room.

8. Peepal Tree – that’s Ficus Religiosa or the sacred fig where the great Gautam Buddha achieved enlightenment according to buddhism: This tree has really interesting facts and myths. People often believe sleeping at night under this tree, you will be found dead in the morning. Sounds funny. Some say this is the tree which release loads of oxygen during day and loads of carbondioxide at night and hence sleeping under this tree will kill the person due to suffocation from excess carbondioxide. Actually this is not true. The peepal tree releases oxygen in the night too, though in smaller amounts.
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(I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening)

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