10 Best Indoor Plants That Produce Oxygen 24/7 – Ideal Bedroom Plants

Heres a list of the top 10 plants for increasing oxygen indoors and these plants not only release oxygen day and night, but also absorb Toxic gases like formaldehyde, benzene and others.
Scientifically, this happens through Crassulasian Acid Metabolism (CAM) type of photosynthesis can produces oxygen in night. Normally for Oxygen to be release there has to be photosynthesis which occurs only in the presense of light whether natural light or your indoor lights. Here is the list of these plants:

Watch video for the number of plants per person per room.

8. Peepal Tree – that’s Ficus Religiosa or the sacred fig where the great Gautam Buddha achieved enlightenment according to buddhism: This tree has really interesting facts and myths. People often believe sleeping at night under this tree, you will be found dead in the morning. Sounds funny. Some say this is the tree which release loads of oxygen during day and loads of carbondioxide at night and hence sleeping under this tree will kill the person due to suffocation from excess carbondioxide. Actually this is not true. The peepal tree releases oxygen in the night too, though in smaller amounts.
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(I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening)

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  1. Could plants remove virus like Covet19 and other germs. Too much chemicals being used everywhere

  2. 1. Areca palm – 4 plants
    2. Snake plant – 6 to 8 plants
    3. Money plant – 3 plants of 18 inch
    4. Gerbera daisy –
    5. Neem tree –
    6. Aloe vera – 4 to 6 plants
    7. Christmas cactus
    8. Peepal tree
    9. Orchids –
    10. Tulsi or holy basil

  3. Thanks a lot Sir for your great Knowledge thanks a Lot God Bless Waheguru Ji Mehar Karn 🕉🔱☪️☸️✝️☮️✡️🙏😇💐👏😌☺🙂😊❤💗💓😍👌👍🙌💪🔥🙏😇

  4. I googled plants that product oxygen (besides trees). I wish id learned morepaid attention in school. I love these things. Im taking down a list & plotting out where imma have them all over my house. I had no idea so many plants have air purifying capabilities. Considering my whole family is very asthmatic – hopefully these plants help us and dont harm us.

  5. I'm a living testimony of the work of a great herbalist on YouTube known as Dr okosun who cured me permanently and perfectly from HSV with his herbal supplements

  6. Bro what-? Alovera??? I'm going to try this in my bed room where there is literally no light, i hope my alovera dosen't rot away

  7. 1. Areca palm
    2. Snake plant
    3. Money plant
    4. Gerbera daisy
    5. Neem tree
    6. Aloe vera
    7. Christmas cactus
    8. Peepal tree
    9. Orchids
    10. Tulsi

  8. I have been gardening for over 30 years. Most of the plants you had mentioned here are outside my bedroom window patio. I'm out there every single day looking after my plants and enjoying their beautiful growth and fragrance.

  9. Can alovera plant survive in concrete house ? as I've kept mine mine n its dying even if I water once in 3 to 4 days. Should it be watered daily? Plz help.! Thanks

  10. Plants have the Power to fight CANCER CELLS. Nature has Power to reverse depression.

  11. NOT all Aloe Vera plants are edible. Got 1 from Wilkos and label has a warning about avoid eating. So please be careful.

  12. Evidentiary you will have the bugs springtails in your bedroom or any room they thrive in the dirt

  13. تتلقوها بحريمكم و صحتكم و مخكم و شرفكم و كرامتكم…تفوووووه…أهل الحرام و اولاد الحرام و منتهكي الحرمات

  14. I love Venus Flytraps. Guess they're not too good at oxygenation, but they're beautiful AND entertaining, and not many plants can say that!

  15. Omg….. that English pronunciation 🤢🤮😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤮🤢

  16. Thanks for this. Who would have thought a pandemic would descend on us and make us actually look for ways to increase oxygen, something we usually take for granted. I have the mother-in-law's tongue inside already. I will bring my aloe veras inside too. Thanks so much.

  17. I just want to be helpful.
    1. Areca palm
    2. Snake plant
    3. Money plant
    4. Gerbera daisy
    5. Neem tree
    6. Aloe vera
    7. Christmas cactus
    8. Peepal tree
    9. Orchids
    10. Tulsi


  18. What is the tool to measure oxygen giving plants and carbonn releasing at night what is the source of research

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