10 gallon Betta Fish Tank with Potted Plants

How to make potted plants for your aquarium. Potted plants can grow in any aquarium. Live plants need good lighting to grow and root tabs. We used an Amazon sword plant. Betta fish enjoy live plants as they are soft for their fins and provide good hiding spots and resting places. We use a corner sponge filter in this tank for filtration. There is no heater in the tank. Where we live is very hot so for most of the year we don’t need one.

Mini Pots (paid link)
Flourish Tabs (paid link)

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  1. Did I hear in another video that you live in Florida? If so, I live there as well. Over on the Space Coast. Love my Bettas, and love your beautiful Bettas and aquariums as well. Oh, and what is the big plant in the back?

  2. Hi I was wondering if i could request a video? I have a ten gallon tank with 4 guppies and i would like to add live plants. Maybe if you do make a video could it be about what tempature they need and just info on them. 😀

  3. i found 2 amazon sword daughter plants in my tank. i will put it in a pot and when it grows bigger i will put it in my 105l tank.
    can i use instead of this flourish tabs the 7 balls from jbl?
    those are clay balls that contain elements and neutrints.

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