10 Pet & Child friendly House plants | Indoor plants | #petfriendlyplants #childfriendlyplants

If you have little curious kids or adventurous pest at home and are concerned about what plants they can be left alone with then, here is a list of a 10 houseplants that are non toxic and safe for them.

Check out these pet friendly plants that not only look really pretty but are non toxic and safe if your kids or pets accidentally ingest them.

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  1. Thank you so much as l learn somany things about plant with you 💖 l love plants and it has help me overcome my low state of mind

  2. I completely adore u a lot..so much knowledgable yet so simple…m also plant geek like uh..come to my mama's place called MANGROL in gujarat u totally feel like as if u r in kerala..🥰☘it's near by chorwad,ancestral village of ambanis

  3. Hi Ann, nice to have ur video…1) can I bring in my Aglonemas together into one pot. Red, Pink, green and silver queen into one big pot?
    2) I am very good with most of the plants now, with the knowledge what I gained from listening to u…😍 unfortunately my peace lily has never showed improvement…any
    Take care, pls come back with lot more light on lot more plants…Take care, keep smiling…😍

  4. Hey Ann…I am aNew Family member in your channel… Love you…
    Love from
    With love and prayers… Risniya…

  5. Hi Ann, how do you clean the leaves? They look so fresh, bright and shiny…pls let me know. Thanks.

  6. Hai Ann. I like your videos alot. I believe that you deserve more reach and subscribers.Your contents are of top quality always👏👏👏

  7. Are fittonias seasonal? Like do they die after a season. Please let me know whenever u get a chance

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