15 Winter Care Tips for Houseplants! | Winter Care Tips for Indoor Plants!

Here are some tips & tricks for keeping your houseplants happy during the Winter! One of the most difficult parts about houseplant ownership in my opinion is keeping our green leafed friends happy during the darkest & coldest months of the year! Fortunately there are a few tricks to keep the plants happy indoors! I hope you find this video helpful!
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  1. If your windows are drafty or the inside of the glass gets really cold, you can install insulating shrink film without loss of light. I have a few windows that are still single pane and where the frame leaks air like mad and it's made a huge difference to the plants in front of them!

  2. Hello Harli outstanding information this is my first winter have already moved my plant's close to the window and have been looking for pest daily so far so good have been looking at grow light's I appreciate the informative information stay blessed and happy winter indoor gardening

  3. Great video, thanks so much for all this great info! Just to clarify, we shouldn't trim dead growth in the winter? My thought process was that trimming dead or waning growth can help the plant so that it's not trying to divert energy to areas that aren't able to be sustained, but I could totally be off with this. Thanks so much! <3

  4. I live in Boston, in an apartment where I make my window sills my little green heaven. I have a potted mint and one rosemary and they are sadly in bad shape. I will put in practice all of these recommendations and try to survive the winter months. Thank you so much; I love your channel! <3

  5. Thank you so much for this video Harli and great tips!! I had to repot my Maidenhair fern and African Violets because I got them in the Summer and didn't repot them back then. But they were dying back and even with watering less and draining excess water, the roots were looking soggy. They're looking happier now and glad I can fertilize my Pothos lightly because it's the main one continually growing! And what do you think about Epsom salts watering in the Winter?

  6. Hi, I have a spray water bottle and I am spraying my indoor plants often, it seems they like it, I brought them in about a month ago because of the cold! However, we are having nice days like today is on 70s and house heater is on now, I do see that soil on top is dry and water just little bit, I feel I am on them more often but I am having problems with gnats and I do know what to do, I bought a candle that is mosquito repellant but it works for a while only. They seem that they are meeting and when water spray gets to them they fly!
    It makes me very mad as I feel gnats got to one of my Christmas cactus, the bottom of the plant found like cooked and smelly bad!
    I keep rotating them like you said, but I wish I know what to do with these flying bugs. I do not keep garbage indoors or anything that attracts these gnats I mentioned to you. It is hard job as well I moved from bay area California to Southern Indiana and brought my garden with me. Any suggestions are appreciated thx

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