5 Must-Have Pet Friendly Indoor Plants l Easy Non-Toxic to Pets Houseplants

Sharing with you 5 easy non toxic plants and general care tips. I have learned to be more conscious of cat safe plants by being a cat/ plant parent myself. I will be sharing some Calathea, Hoya, Peperomia, Orchid and Pilea in my collection. There are MANY more pet-friendly plants out there, which one is your favorite?

1. Hoya
Hoya Obovata (Find it on Etsy:
Hoya Kerri (Find it on Etsy:
Hoya Compacta (Find it on Etsy:
Hoya Curtisii (Find it on Etsy:
Hoya Mathilde (Find it on Etsy:

2. Calathea
Calathea Makoyana (Find it on Etsy:
Calathea Jungle Cat (Find it on Etsy:
Stromanthe Tricolor (Find it on Etsy:

3. Orchids
Vanilla Orchid (Find it on Etsy:
Moth Orchid (Find it on Etsy:
Jewel Orchid (Find it on Etsy:

4. Peperomia
Watermelon Peperomia (Find it on Etsy:
Peperomia Tetragona (Find it on Etsy:

5. Pilea
Pilea Peperomioides (Find it on Etsy:

Here is the website for a comprehensive list of Poisonous/ Non-Poisonous plants for pets:

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