Today’s plant video features houseplants that you can completely grow in water! No need to transplant them to soil, these plants can thrive in a water environment. Includes actual photos of how each of these houseplants are doing growing in a water environment including root growth and how fast they grow. Enjoy!

NOTE: The plant that I labeled as “Peace Lily” should be Anthurium

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0:00 Intro
0:52 Aglaonema
3:28 Basil
5:04 Anthurium
6:09 Pothos Devil’s Ivy
7:05 Umbrella Tree
9:21 Monstera
10:00 Snake Plant
11:06 Wend Imbe
12:30 Summary

○ PART 1 Propagating a Pothos:

○ Indoor houseplants:
○ Golden Pothos:
○ Marble Queen Pothos:
○ Rooting Hormones & fertilizers:
○ Pothos/ Devil’s Ivy:
○ LECA/ Clay Pebbles:
○ Net Pots 3″ size (black containers with holes):
○ Net Pot 2″ size (the one I use for small glass containers):
○ Miracle Gro liquid fertilizer:
○ Calcium Nitrate:
○ Self watering planter:
○ Lechuza Self watering planter (same as my grey one):

○ Cardholder with RFID protector:
○ What I use to clean my bags:
○ Rain protector / water repellent for leather:

○ My camera gear:
○ Outdoor camera:
○ Ring Light:
○ Tripod:

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  1. We’ve been having issues with our basil so I’ll use your pot idea! We love Basil snd cool with it often so we were so upset this year when ours started looking bad.

  2. I would love to transplant ALL my plants to water and get rid of soil, but how do I keep the water from growing algae and stinking? That is the only thing keeping me from going to water

  3. I've recently bought a bunch of cut pothos leaves to propagate in a jar of water. Within a few days, I'm noticing some tiny holes here & there. There's also some minimal browning on the edge of the leaves. Everywhere I search, websites are mentioning pests, overwatering, underwatering, sunburn, etc. The thing is… it's in a jar of water so is there such a thing as overwatering when propagating? & I leave it by a window that gets medium amount of indirect light that shouldn't be so damaging to the plant. I haven't fertilized it yet since it's winter but I'm planning on adding some leca that I ordered once it arrives. I also use filtered water so there shouldn't really be anything harming the plants. Do I have pests?

  4. The plant in your glass jar you'll have to break it up to rejar it ! Thanks for sharing I'm obsessed with house plants and roses ! I found that propagating plants is more easily done by trimming the bottom end then dipping them in rooting hormone and then placing them in a pot of soil and jar over them. The plastic bottle or plastic container always rotted them. And one bouquet of rose flowers I actually just put rooting powder and made holes with a hard straw then put the plants in and out of 12 only one died. All remaining rose stems are rooted great and better looking with the full stem sprouting new leafs. After 4 years of trying I finally nailed rooting plants !!!!

  5. I love your ideas for growing plants in nice clean water, rather than taking a chance on diseases that may be lurking in soil. Thank you very much for sharing!

  6. For the newly rooted one in the soy sauce jar with the small opening, When you're ready to move, pour out water and over garbage can, break glass using pliers and leather gloves to break the glass neck.👍

  7. About the variegated Schefflera, the reason why the colour might not appear could be because the property of discoloration is unstable, so while taking a cutting, the stem should be a little variegated, and then the colour will appear

  8. Hi could u tell me how do u get the rooted plant out of the net pot ..when you do want to pot it in soil 🌹oh I just saw your answer someone else asked lol so ok got it thanks

  9. One can grow Amaryllis bulbs (Christmas bulbs) in water (plain tap water, most tap water) year-round, and they will flower, sometimes twice. One should not soak the bulb in water, just the roots underneath should be in water. One can add light fertilizer, but they usually are okay without. To start the bulb rooting, you just add a little water to the bottom of the bulb in a vase or similar container–a dark color container is better. Many roots will grow. The roots/bulb should not be put in full sunlight, if in a sunny window, put a shaded piece of glass in front of the container at the roots/bulb level. Amaryllis are easy to grow in water under good circumstances, but not as easy as those plants listed in the "Erica by Design" video. What is nice about the Amaryllis–the large flowers, and Amaryllis flowers are in different colors depending on the bulbs, and the long leaves that may need staking. Many types of bulbs can be grown in water.

  10. Don’t plants take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen? Pet friendly plants? What you call snake plant, I was taught in horticulture class, mother-in-law’s tongue..😆🙏🏼👍🏽🙋🏻‍♀️Mia

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