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Aglaonemas are hardy, easy to keep, non fussy plants that are great for a newbie gardner to keep. They don’t need too much water and can handle negligence better than most plants. This week’s video on YouTube is a plant table series featuring the Aglaonema where I talk about how to care for this plant & give you some interesting information too.

The Aglaonema Nitidum Silver Queen (commonly just referred to as the Aglaonema) was a plant that I grew up with. My mom had it in her small collection back then and I probably didn’t appreciate it like I do now. It sat amongst the other ‘indoor plants’ snugly for years and weathered the sometimes overzealous daily watering or the occasional phase of negligence by standing steady. And it always struck me as a common plant that I would get to see here and there on visits to family or in gardens.

Times have changed and from those days where we had a handful of varieties of Aglaonema commonly available, horticulturists have developed a large number of cultivars that are stunning and beautiful. Thailand & Indonesia have contributed to this developing some with unreal colours & patterns. The colours are brighter than that of calatheas, coleus & Crotons sometimes and are much easy to keep. With the surge of houseplants, especially foliage plants and the influx of new cultivars Aglaonemas are very relevant today.
This one my friend gave me before she moved out of the city. I’m so glad I took it in and it has grown beautifully and is completely filling it’s current pot.

Hope you enjoy the Video. Let me know your Aglaonema questions in the description and also what other plant table videos you would like to see down the line.

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  1. Hi Ma'am, I am a regular viewer of yours and just wanted to share that I so love binge watching your videos everyday.
    Kindly share a video on Verigated Arelia plant. I've tried my hand on it thrice but everytime it ends up shedding leaves and eventually die. Please suggest measures.

  2. I have one red aglonema .. the problem it is facing is – leaves are turning into yellow one by one, although I water it properly. Please suggest what to do.

  3. Thanks for this video. I have two questions: can the pink variety be kept under a fan breeze and can it be kept in a pot with no drainage holes and only spray watering?

  4. My aglaonema leaves tips are browning. New leaves are coming but the tips are browning. What should I do to stop tips browning. The plant is kept on my office desk. Morning we keep it in indirect sunlight

  5. Wonderful video it is my favorite plant I just bought my second plant today my plant is just beautiful thank you !

  6. My new valentine is giving out small leaves with a trace of pink. How to make them bright pinkish red ? I do provide it early morning half an hour direct sun and then it goes under bright indirect light under green net.

  7. Very informative video, thank you so much ! My aglonema seems to be discolouring and withering, do you think this is because of the extreme cold conditions, I live in Lucknow.

  8. I have newly re-potted few aglaonema but today i noticed its stem from the root is spoiled. Can you let me know what will be reason could be

  9. I purchased widuri yesterday. Just fell in love instantly when I saw it in nursery 😍. Hope i will grow it well.

  10. Sister iam your new subscriber your all videos nice one doubt how to find aglonima and difffen bachia plant pls tell me sister

  11. How to use npk 19 19 19 in this plant ,should I spray it on the leaves or pour it on soil please answer

  12. grt video! do we need to clean the plant after neem oil spray or leave it on to dry off?

  13. my plants gets dropy, leaves curl and drop then turn yellow and then i am left with just stem, ONE more thing i need to ask, HOW important is air flow for plant, since my plants are in back balcony where i have 5 feet high wall covering the area then there is grilll above. I am thinking plants might need a fresh air flow ?
    Please guide.

  14. Very detail information u share with us, thanku very much.I have some plants of Aglonemia and try to collect pink one.

  15. Mam i need ur advice on a urgent basis..
    My aglonema stem is nt whitish as u say the stem is preety as well.. my plants stem is becoming yellowish..i have snow white.. m a new gardener and i dont knw what m doing wrong with plant.. so plzzz plzz reply mee soon

  16. Excellent video, I have acquired my first Aglonema, I really appreciate all the info you have provided!

  17. Hello mam. Mam my aglonema pink,that I bought one year ago was doing good,bt from few days it's leaves are turning yellowish n become dry …one by one…. Pls suggest

  18. My snow white Agloanema's all leaves was shed off and the new leaves coming are smaller in size and thier tips are browing…plz suggest me..what to do?

  19. Thankyou for such useful information, I wanted to plant it indoor my doubt is do those slugs and snails come even when placed indoor and if we spray neem oil along with fungus do these also stop coming near our plant

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