1. @figaholics, Curious why you fill the bed all the way up just to drain the water. Seems like a waste of water. Couldn't you do a more shallow watering and give the plants more time to take up the water?

  2. Thanks, nice set up. I found out recently a lot of my potted plants do better if they have bottom watering. I do not understand the reason why.

  3. Hopefully you will cover drip irrigation for small yards. Thanks for sharing this, great idea.

  4. Dear Harvey,

    I wonder whether this automatic watering system provides constant level of water everyday 24/7? Would the potting soil get too saturated at some point, that it will no longer absorb the water anymore? At this point, do you think the plant like the wetness condition of the soil? Thank you for the video!

  5. Thanks Harvey, I've been thinking too about how to setup something similar to this. maybe a channel in ground with pond liner.

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