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  1. Hi green yard.. I have a peace lilynplant, but its almost 1yr already but still not hqve a flowet?? +

  2. Maraming dahon ang iyong agloanema, ano ba abg gagawin pra dumadami ang leaves nito ? Ykank uou.

  3. Very interesting talaga ang mga topic m sir marami akong nkikilala n name ng mga halaman I love plants and flowering plants talaga

  4. Very Informative and gives good idea to all the plants lover😍👌
    New subscriber po🌷🪴🌿🌴🎍🌱

  5. Wow ganda nman ng mga halaman nyo boss,i love plants, lalo na yung black velvet or snake plants. thank you for sharing your video.

  6. Hi Allen, i need help with my Berkin… bago lang ako nag aalaga ng plants and it is so depressing to see kapag nakikita ko na unti unti na syang nagninilaw.. please help… Ano ba dapat ko gawin sa Berkin ko…

  7. congratulations ,like ur vlog, informative, but just like to comment on dipenbachia species ,cos they are listed in one of those poisonous plants ,hope u can make a review on it cos it can do harm ,upon touching each leaves don't touch into ur eyes cos it can cause eye problem, I'm just concerned, though it's a nice plants.God bless.

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