Best potting mix & soil for indoor plants | Beginners Guide to Soil & Amendments

HINT: DO NOT use “Garden Soil” in plant pots. I will help you choose the right potting mix for your indoor house plants. Potting mix vs potting soil? They’re the same thing. We will cover sphagnum peat moss, orchid mix, cactus potting mix, coco coir (coco peat), perlite, and vermiculite. I’ll also show you how to make your own organic potting soil & mix through amendments.

TLDR: If you’re watching this video at a home depot, lowes, or nursery right now, I’ll make it quick. Get the bag that says “POTTING MIX/SOIL.” It has to say “pot” or “potting”. Also, pick up the bag that says “PERLITE”… thank me later. Don’t get orchid or cactus mix unless you’re planting a cactus or orchid.

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0:00 Intro
0:10 Soil vs Potting Soil/Mix
0:46 Which potting mix to use?
0:55 Potting mix composition
1:40 Pre-made mixes
1:56 Cactus Mix
2:13 Orchid Mix
2:26 Where to buy?
2:43 When to use amendments?
2:55 Perlite
3:21 Bark & Twigs (Orchid Mix)
3:28 Sand (Cactus mix)
3:35 Peat, Coir, Vermiculite
3:50 How to add amendments?
4:26 Summary
4:51 End
5:40 Cat.

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  1. Thank you so much 😊 This video is the only video that I have found so far, that goes into detail in such a concise, entertaining and scientific way, and is so helpful and interesting! 😀🌻🌺🪴

  2. When I didn’t know about planting, I had put my pothos rooted cuttings in a 5” pot with garden soil we had lol. Now that I got into planting and am now obsessed, boy was that a big mistake I made. Thank you for sharing 🙂 I love your style. More videos please.

  3. Amazing video! I am a beginner and I finally found someone explaining to me how I can use different mixtures and why, without necessarily having to make my own mix! <3

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