BEST Potting Soil MIX for Anthurium Plant?

What is the best potting soil mix for Anthurium Plant? Not just one, in this video I have shown the 3 best ways to prepare the potting soil mix for Anthurium. The video also included the updates over 6 months and I hope, after looking at the results you would be able to grow your Anthuriums much confidently.

Soon, I would upload more videos on Anthuritum plant like – How to multiply Anthurium plant easily, Anthuritum plant care, how to water Anthuritum etc.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you very much for watching the video, have a wonderful time 🙂


  1. Hello Sir, your video is very interesting. Im just new with anthuriums. What kind of fertilizer do you us

  2. आप जो भी प्लांट्स विडीओ बनाते है वो सभी बहुत ही अच्छी होती है मैं जब भी कोई प्लांट रिपोट करता हूँ आपकी विडीओ देखता हूं, आपको प्लांट के बारे मे अच्छी जानकारी 🙏🏻

  3. Your option 2 potting mix is made up of normal soil (30%)+wood charcoal (20%)+coconut husk (20%)+vermicompost (20%) (please refer to 2:09 frame of the video). The total of these percentages is just 90%, What constitutes the remaining 10% to come up with a total of 100%? Thank you.

  4. Thank you Ji.. My question how do you get the flowers so red.. My second bloom the colour got lighter. ☹

  5. My Anthurium is not blooming please suggest where should I place it…? Under morning direct sunlight for 2-3 hours or complete indoor with no direct sunlight?

  6. Good information. I am from Srilanka. I bought two plants last week and I am growing them using coconut peels in the pots only with out any chemicals,and put some sandy soil on top of it. What do you think is it good or bad? Any suggestions?please answer me.

  7. I bought this plant ,, yesterday,,, it is only in cocopeat do,,, it is in small nursery pot how sud I,, repot,, or leave as it is ??? Can it grow only in ,, cocopeat?? Or after bringing home aud I repot in soil

  8. Good morning. Pls.let me know whether charcoal can be used in lieu of co co husk. Thank you in advance. Be safe & healthy. Hava a nice day.

  9. Very informative video explained very nicely. Pl share from where can v buy anthuriam plants online. Thx

  10. Hi I understood u vv clearly I find ur video interesting and educational. I also learnt yrs ago that dealing with plants keeps u healthy and youthful .we also depends on oxygen from the plants.keep the gd works up ""its vvv gd to make God proud by loving """nature"""" God bless you and your fam.

  11. Hi chandan,I had 6 colours if anthurium plants very healthy n was giving lot of beautiful flowers too.unfortunately during painting d house I put them all under d coconut tree n cd not take care.all of them had fungal infection n died.Niw I have started buying new plants.

  12. Hi,
    I watched a couple of repot flower videos, and noticed that you always put stones at the bottom of the planter to cover the holes . How the flowers drain like that ?

  13. My anthorium plant is one month old which I purchased from a local nursery but my flowers have dried….should I cut it off how can I have flowers all year round pls advise

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