Best potting soil mix for indoor plants

Best potting soil mix for indoor plants :- Growing indoor plants and succulents is good in many ways. In today’s video we have explained the best potting soil mix for indoor plants. This is a best potting soil for household plants including succulents and can be use as best organic potting soil. We have covered all important point related to prepare best soil for indoor plants but still something remain then you can write us and we will try to answer you within 24 hours. For writing us please sign in youtube with Gmail account and after this you can write us.

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  1. I have a very thick soil like the clay soil. There is problem of drainage ao how can i make it better?? And please how can we make compost at home there is lot of methods on utube it is very confusing.

  2. I am a beginner so I just want to ask that I have hanging plant nd I want to grow money plant in it this mixture will be helpful or not nd what if the water will leak from the hole nd make the floor dirty plz ans …

  3. Hello sir, I'm very new to gardening,recently I brought a snake, palm, zz plants frm nursery, they potted with completely red soil due to which water can't absorb nd soil to be hard, how could I turn my plants in to healthy form. Nd which soil potting shld b placed.

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