Big Potted Plants for a Dramatic Porch Entrance! | Farmhouse Garden Style

Today I’m going to plant style the porch stairs at Lauren’s farmhouse.

Plants/trees I’m using in this video.
1. Gardenia trees (2)
2. Ficus Moclame trees (2)
3. Kimberly Queen Ferns (2 XL, 2 L)
4. White Scaevola (flowering annuals)
5. Hanging flowering moss baskets | Petunias, Bacopa, Verbena

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  1. Hi Amanda! The trees/plants are all beautiful, but, like many others commented below, there are too many plants, it looks too crowded. The stairs need to be more open and inviting. I would scoot the large ferns over as far as you can, remove the Ficus, put the small ferns in their place and maybe place the White Scaevola below the gardenias. That would open it up and it would still be pretty. Maybe put the Ficus on either side of the bench? The hanging baskets are beautiful, but you really should respect Lauren's wishes and not put hooks in her ceiling. I saw the video where she said quite a few times that she did NOT want holes in her ceiling, and was pretty adamant about that. Thank you for sharing!

  2. @planterina everything looks great!! I’m wondering what you do with your tropicals this time of year when temperatures dip below 59 at night and hang around 50-55 during the day. Do you take everything back inside?

  3. I love all your plants and imagine all the fresh oxygen from them and how much toxins they remove🥰🥰🥰so lovely

  4. The one big fern too the left needs to be pushed all the way to the edge. My ocd is going OFF

  5. She literally just stacked a bunch of plants on the steps and called it good…no info on plants or their requirements. What’s the point of a video like this? To make some money? …

  6. Good morning to you vary nice plans they all so beautiful and amazing plans have a blessed day 🌷🌷⚘🥀

  7. heyy, can u make a video about underrated plants. hehe I really just think that the Philodendron Mayoi is so underrated

  8. Hey… that was beautiful! Thank you…. love your energy… keep radiating positive vibes…. take care

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