Bottom Watering Houseplants | How To Water Indoor Plants Bottom Watering Method

This video is about tips & tricks for watering houseplants! How to bottom water is very easy & straightforward & I definitely think it is the best way to water indoor plants. The steps for bottom watering are simple. We all live in different environments so water requirements may vary a bit between plant varieties as well as depending on our location. These are just the benefits I find from bottom watering vs. top watering. Watch for signs such as; wrinkling, discoloration, stunted growth, and other abnormal things to make changes to your plant care routine accordingly!


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  1. thank you, really helped me. SUB:) but I have a single question… as a noob in growing plants indoor: If I want to grow basil how frequently should I water the plant? Keeping the saucer always full of water I don't think it's an option. Asking because I want to make an automated system with arduino/raspberry and I have no idea on what interval should I activate the watering system

  2. So I’ve been looking into bottom watering and I got to wonder. Does the plant takes as much as it needs? Or is it the soil that can soak up the water it needs?
    Im afraid that the soil will take more water than what the plant itself needs

  3. Hi Harli,
    I wanted to start bottom watering to reduce fungus gnats but not if my plants will suffer. They are all doing well but I thought if I bottom watered it will be dry near the top where they like to lay their eggs. For the longest time I have used neem oil in my watering to keep the gnats at bay but it is sooo expensive here in Australia, I just can't afford it anymore. I also thought I might try Ant Rid to sit on the top of the soil. Apparently gnats hate it. Can you give me some advice?

    Deborah from Melbourne Australia.

  4. I’m now one of your official followers 🤗 I’ve enjoyed all the information you’ve given about bottom watering. I’m a dieffenbachia lover but I have other plants but I love dieffenbachia the most. Thanks again 🥳

  5. Just found you by accident. I realise this is an older post. You are a lovely girl and very relatable. Also can’t help noticing your beautiful white teeth!! Anyway thanks for your help. I’ve subscribed so hope you are still posting!

  6. Can you over water by bottom watering? or does the plant stop absorbing it once roots are full? I bottom watered my Hoya Carnosa Compacta for like 10 minutes and now it's dead.

  7. Hey, great video.
    One question, though. I have most of my pots with built in saucer. I found it convenient when I bought it,as it is not messy and I don't have to look for separate saucers.
    How do I bottom water them?
    Same way as this? Will that be enough?
    Thanks again.❤

  8. Are you saying you actually leave your plants in the water? I thought that would cause issues? Everything I’ve read says never leave plants in water.

  9. I didn’t know about root rot and lack of oxygen, so for years I have been allowing my kalanchoes to sit in water all the time. They seem OK though.

  10. I have been bottom watering most of my plants and they are doing great so far. I have a palm and fig tree that are in heavy pots so not sure how I would do that without making a mess. Any tips?

  11. the best part is even if you forget your plant in the water the plant isnt going to take more than it needs itll just stay there until you remove the plant from the water

  12. Thank you for this info. I’m struggling with my Stromanthe Triostar. I’m pretty sure it’s the top watering I’m doing. I’m going to see if this helps. You made perfect sense to me.

  13. Ive recently started my plant collection and when I bottom water I fill up the container I have put my plants into and they continue to take water, is that normal?

  14. This video just changed my LIFE. Omg, I had no idea I was doing it all wrong and why the plants I have are all over the internet as the EASIEST houseplant and I was struggling. Last night before bed I watered our dumb cane from the bottom like this, and this morning I awoke to was WHOLE NEW PLANT. I've spent the day watering all our plants like this and they seem jubilant. Like, actual happy plants. LOVE it!

  15. it also has to do with salts, top watering and bottom wattering with tap water the minerals would build up in pots, so sometimes you have to leach the soil which is basically dumping water until the pot over flows with water, use a hose or like a sink spray

  16. I have a few questions:
    1. Can you bottom water with Baby plants, when they're fresh out of water for building roots?
    2. When your repot your plants in a bigger pot, can you immediately start bottom watering or do you have to wait for the roots to grow bigger?
    3. Can you bottom water cacti?

  17. bottom watering all the way! totally agree. thanks for the wealth of knowledge on this topic (and even on four hours of sleep!) on another note — where did you get the cute watering can?? do you have a link? TIA!

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