Burying Potted Plants For Winter – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 467

Now that fall is nearly over it’s time for burying potted plants for the winter. One of the benefits is protecting them from being chewed upon now that they are buried inside our fenced raised garden area. We buried a couple of pau pau tree saplings, evergreens, Oak & Maple trees, and a couple of other twigs we’ve transplanted into pots this summer to monitor their growth development. Next spring we will find them all permanent homes,


  1. Hi there. Im dana from pa. Im a zone 5b. Im planting tulips in containers this year for first time. Do u think burying the pots in my garden is a better idea than huddling them under a porch behind my home on a heated wall? I dont wanna loose this bulbs. What do u think,? Xoxo dana from pa zone 5b

  2. I really don't like the NEW SET UP that YouTube is using in the replies & comments.  Unless I am not doing it right??? I am REPLYING to our conversation about my asparagus. :0)  It is 28 right now & hope to get the asparagus into the ground later this morning after it warms up. It's now or never!  We will be getting snow soon and a long Winter ahead of us.  Stay warm my friend.  Lark

  3. Glad you saw the video in time. It’s so much easier to use the garden space during the winter. No, the peanuts weren’t ripe enough, but they sure are neat plants. Thanks for visiting and your comment. Lynn

  4. Now that school has started we don’t get to spend much time together, but I’m sure Logan will like them as he studied about George Washington Carver in school so he’s familiar with planting peanuts. Our raspberries are the old kind that stay up for two years and then die off. Yes, I’m afraid winter is blowing in soon. Hurry and get that asparagus in the ground, then you can rest for a while. LOL Lynn

  5. I was just about to bury some plants and trees that I hadn't gotten to this summer, but I was trying to figure out where. Good to know it does work. I'm going to use your idea of planting them in the garden area! Also I'd be interested in more about how the peanuts worked out…were they ripe enough?…are you going to try roasting them?

  6. Lynn, thank you for showing us the 'peanut plant'. I have never seen how they grow. I bet Logan is going to really smile when he sees it. Your raspberries look great. Are yours the kind that you cut all the way to the ground? You probably have another video on that, right? The weather sure is changing here in Wisconsin. I still have some asparagus transplants to get in the ground.

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