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Calathea are gorgeous houseplants, but they need a little extra love and tenderness. If you give them the optimal conditions, they will be your best friends. Or maybe just really good friends!

Here is a list of some care tips that have worked for me:

~Use filtered, distilled or rainwater when watering and misting.
~Mist only in the morning as this is when the stomata are open. Misting at night will encourage fungus.
~Add humidity to the air if you live in a dry climate, or use air conditioning.
~To add humidity, group plants together, place plants on a water/pebble tray or use humidifiers.
~Water Calatheas when the soil is partially dry.
~Use a moisture meter if you are having a difficult time determining when to water.
~Calathea love medium to bright filtered light, but will live in low light as well.
~Optimal temperatures are around 65-85 degrees.

Thank you for all of you who have subscribed. I love reading your comments and suggestions as well as any additional information I might have left out or blundered!


  1. Hi. Been watching you for years now-thanks, I really like and you are someone I'd like to meet some day. My question is: how do I know when my calathea orbifolia needs reporting. Thanks again.

  2. Mine is not pictured here but it’s leaves are curling and the stems are going limp. I water it with filtered water and we’re in Florida so naturally more humid in our house’s been fine for about a year – I’m going to try repotting but 🤷‍♀️

  3. My calathea rosy has1 new leaf came out of another leaf which is fine. But I’ve had two (i think were leaves) coming out of the soil and they both blackened and dried up, but other leaves look okay. Do you have any ideas of why?

  4. I came across this video a couple months back when my Calathea rattlesnake was beginning to dry. I tried to keep a check on the watering and add more humidity but none of that worked. My plant was still slowly dying and i had no clue what to do. Bunch of more YouTube videos and a 60% dried out calathea later, I repotted the plant from a plastic to a mud pot and added generous amounts of cocopeat to the originally clay like garden soil. My plant’s doing soo well now! Just wanted to mention here that well aerated soil and a mud pot are just as important as Calatheas cannot bear excess water content in the soil. PS: love your calathea collection

  5. I just got a calathea whitestar because I was in love with the leaves, but now my favorite part about it is that it closes its leaves up at night. They all stretch and reach upwards when it's dark, and when the sun starts to come up the come back down.

  6. 3:55 Oh, good, it's not only mine that won't sit still. It's my first Calathea, a beginners Rattlesnake, and I'm a little shocked by how active it is, my four-year-old nephew fidgets less. I've had it three months and while it hasn't shown any growth it still looks happy and healthy. In fact, other than the daily gymnastics it is identical to day one. I suspect I am going to kill it, I haven't given her any special attention of than placing her in the company of my happiest and best behaved plants. We have possibly the hardest, chlorinated aquafer water in the country that I keep forgetting not to water her with while I'm watering the others.

  7. my poor rufibarba is slowly getting killed by my cat (he loves playing with the leaves
    I ordered Musaica and a White Fusion and can't wait for them to arrive! I already love my orbifolia and white star ♥
    Kinda gave up on the rufi bc of the cat, maybe I'll care more again when my cat gets bored of it

  8. Dear Planterina (& community, maybe someone can help too), you said that its best for the plants to spray them wet in the morning. because of work I always do it in the evenig, now I'm worried. What would you say? Does it matter, morning or evening? Otherwise I'm fantasizing about a new morning routine.. would be so relaxing! help!! :(( 😀

  9. I looked for quite a while for my Rattlesnake and I just found it last night, picked it up today, I'm so so happy I finally found it. I went and put it in a humidity tray but will re-pot tm and get a better looking tray to use… I was a little worried I might need to invest in a humidifier. But I'm happy to hear that you don't necessarily have yours in a room with a humidifier and it's gorgeous and huge so now I again feel like I should be able to do this plant justice in caring for it 😅 phew

  10. Wow! They are so beautiful! I just went home from Dale Hardware with my first Calathea Warscewiczii, because I couldn't walk away from it how you said. Now I want they all! Especially Rattlesnake.

  11. Oh i would love to have them. I touched one in the store last week and i have been thinking abou them since😅 but i cant gibe them the humidity nor the right water

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