Can you grow indoor plants in just water💦?

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List of plants as mentioned in the video:

1. Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa)
2. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
3. Dumbcane (Diffenbachia)
4. Croton (Codiaeum)
5. Chinese Evergreen (Agalonema)
6. Philodendron
7. ZZ-Plant (Zamioculcas)
8. Peace Lilly (Spathiphyllum)
9. Dragon Plant (Dracaena)


  1. Are there any enzymes or products that you can use for water grown plants that either promote root growth or help prevent root rot?

  2. Do you add water or remove all of the old water and adding fresh water if that makes since??

  3. Thank you for such an informative video.
    Do I have to use glass, or transparent containers?
    Do I have to trim back the roots occasionally?

  4. Keeping in a transparent glass vase causes algae…. Is it injurious for the plant.
    Is it okay to use liquid seaweed manure instead of a hydroponic nutrient

  5. HELP! i moved all my houseplants with soil roots to water, it's been a week all my pothos, scindapsus and monstera adansonii are fine, but i'm having issues with my brasil philodendron, prayer plant and philodendron micans, both the micans and prayer plant and my cheese plant are getting several yellow leaves – the logic to move them to water first was to make the transition easier by growing water roots, i dont know what to do now i'm panicking any help will be greatly appreciated-

    should i cut off all soil roots and let it fully grow in water? Should i just put it in leca now and leave the soil roots? Its been a week? I dont want my other plants to also turn yellow. Should i add nutrients?

  6. I had pothos growing in my fish aquarium some years ago. It did extremely well. The vines came out and did some travel across my ceiling. The vines coming out of the tank were a solid 1/2 inch thick.

  7. My monstera root rot in soil so I clean it up and put it in water with leca balls, the new roots are so big and I change water almost every three days. It also grow new leaf, and suddenly it starts to root rot again. Is it due to too many roots? Do I have to trim the root?

  8. Absolutely great videos. Can you make them shorter? I would really appreciate videos 5 minute or less.

  9. Swedish Plantguys is for plants, like James Hoffman for coffee. videos are extreme informative, educational level.

  10. Thank you! This is super super helpful! As a plant lover in a family, some of whom are not fond of plant pests, this is a great way to have plants in the common area without creeping anyone out. 🤗Thank you so much for the information and ideas!

  11. I’m actually transitioning a few plant like this right now. Aglaonemas that lost leaves, got leggy so I chopped them down to the soil, put them in water and kept the stump in the pot so that if I’m lucky, I’ll have two of each plant if the stump and the cutting survive. The cuttings are doing well and I’m trying to learn about LECA now. Thanks for the perfectly timed video.

  12. I discovered if I add a tiny bit of dead sea bath salt they thrive more I also add a little aquarium rocks and some zeolite I have a zero water filter

  13. I had a peace lily in water for about 6 mons, and the roof all rotted… I would like to try again, can you give me some tips to avoid root rot?

  14. very informative, my own personal story, i bought a medium grocery store monstera, it was wobbly in the pot, root rot, i took it out, rinsed, and placed in water and a good light area. Two new leaves, then i allowed it to grow lots of roots and placed it in dirt and got two more leaves… i recently received 2 cuttings in water, lots of roots, so i planted it up, and it's not doing so well, so backwards i must go. i have also done this from soil to water alot to save plants

  15. I grow a Pothos in water using the water from my fish tank. I assume that would provide nutrients from the fish to enhance the plant.

  16. Always great info! I have Hoyas, string of nickels & spider plants growing in water. They are all thriving.

  17. Thank you! I like keeping my plants in water and they grow quite fast, I agree. I have bought a few opaque vases for this purpose. I find that water get foggy looking in clear vases, after less than a week. Roots grow faster in opaque vases. Which makes sense because soil is dark.
    Have you tried putting fish like Beta fish or goldfish in the water? I would like your opinion on this since I would love to try it myself but don't want to kill the fish or my plant, lol 😀

  18. Great video indeed! I love the Monstera in the tall vase.
    I'm in the UK, how can I obtain Swedish tap water ??? 🤪🤣😁
    I love your videos, Thank you.

  19. Great video as always… But, Surely just adding LECA / Perlite to provide support for the roots is not enough to provide the stuff that ferts provide – N/P/K/micronutrients. What's the exact recommendation for liquid ferts? Could you touch upon that?

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