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The Great Indoors Part 1 – Containers & Potting Mix

Over a series of videos, guest presenter and furniture designer Craig Miller-Randle will cover everything you need to know about successfully growing plants indoors.

In this first episode he starts with the basics – pots and potting mix.

Craig lives in an apartment in the Melbourne inner-city suburb of Richmond, so having a ‘garden’ indoors is a good option. He doesn’t know how many plants he has in his home but there is barely any surface, wall or airspace that isn’t filled with leafy goodness.

Indoor plants are totally reliant on you for their nutrients, water and health, which is why Craig always starts with a premium potting mix that meets Australian standards.

02:44 | Potting Mix
Craig makes up his own mix depending on the type of plant:

02:59 | 1. Standard potting mix combined with 20% perlite. “I use this for the biggest range of plants.”
03:33 | 2. Pre-mixed succulent mix (for desert plants like Pachypodium geayi). “I use this for things that like good drainage. It has extra sand to make it quick drying.”
04:05 | 3. Epiphyte mix; base mix plus 20% perlite and 10% charcoal (which keeps the soil sweet and absorbs impurities). “I use this for things like monstera, epipremnum, philodendron – these are forest floor plants. They need larger particles in their mix.”

05:04 | Containers
If a plant feels tight in a pot its roots have probably filled the pot completely and it needs to be potted up to the next size of pot, plus some fresh soil.
Craig prefers traditional plastic nursery pots that are lightweight and can be washed and reused.
He also cuts down larger pots to make a shallow, wide pot that suits plants such as Maranta (prayer plant).

Featured plants:
Madagascar Palm (Pachypodium geayi)
Swiss Cheese Vine (Monstera adansonii)
Green Velvet Alocasia (Alocasia micholitziana)
Maranta (Maranta leuconeura cv.)


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  1. I love plants , plants are an addition to me ❤️, plus Gardening it’s so relaxing I can spend all day in my beautiful plants live it’s beautiful with plants❤️❤️🙏🇲🇽💚💚 and Sr. You have a beautiful collection of plants plus a really wonderful way to display them, Exelent Job.

  2. It seems that there is not enough minerals in the soil to be able to grow large healthy leaves. After all, it's not enough a few handfuls of soil & a little light to have healthy houseplants. For some reason no one houseplants grower reveals his secret what SPECIAL fertilizer for his houseplants he use…. the fertilizer sold at the flower shop is just a waste of money…

  3. Heya will my aroid survive in cacti, potting mix, a bit of sand and perlite just for now? Not sure where to get bark during lockdown except for Bunnings but desperately need to repot. My giant monstera has been pulled out of the ground and will be living in a pot with 6 hours of afternoon sun .. thanks!

  4. Hey Craig ,
    I love your videos. They are so easily explained. I have a small query , what kind of mix suitable for philodendron? Like I have silver sword it’s growing top so fast but roots are not even big enough. I want to change the soil in April as it’s good spring time here in Berlin.
    Looking forward for your answer.
    Your urban jungle is marvellous .

  5. Man your plants are beautiful.

    I bought my first fern from Bunnings late last year, and it’s just about dead.
    I kept watering it every day or every 2nd day, not knowing there was a nursery pot hidden inside.
    I pulled it out and discovered brown yucky water about half way up container.

    Thanks for these tips. I’ll keep this in mind when I purchase another plant.

  6. Oh my! I love your video, very informative which what I needed. I’m still confused as to what kind of soil mixture for each plants. Love all your plants and the idea of how to decorate them without breaking the bank. Thank you very much for sharing your ideas and expertise. Looking forward to see more of your videos. God bless you always 🌈😉

  7. So happy to have access to your considerable knowledge, Craig! Could we learn more about which plants prefer squat pots please. I have some treasured squat pots sourced though a cacti group.

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