Correct way of Watering House Plants / How to water plants #gardening #watering #plants

This is really tough to understand the watering needs of a plant, specially House plants.

Why do water plants?
What is the role of water?
When to give water?
and Exactly how to give water?
We all have heard and read also that we ought to water our plants daily, but this is a myth now.
We can not water our Indoor plants daily plus can not water outdoor plants also in all the seasons.
There are so many factors that play a vital role in holding the moisture of plants.

Do join the session to know the tips and concept of watering.


Things that I use and you can also buy:

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Neem cake :

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  1. Iss video mein sabse best part tha boh last Bala part ,jisme ki aapne kaha tha "hamesha jab upar ki mitti sukh Jaye tab gudai karke Pani dalna chahiye aur hariyali to sabko pasand hai par thodi si care pyar se karna chahiye 😊"

  2. hello,hope k ap theek hongi,apki video se mai bahot kuch seekh rahi hu maine abhi abhi gardening start ki hai halake bahot love hai nature se greenery se,mai dubai m rehti hu isliye bahot mushkil horahi hai weather ki waja se, winter start par hai abhi maine india se juhi ki bail mangake lagai hai laane k 3rd day repoting ki hu aur rootball bahot hi zyada the isliye ek inch ki root ball ki layer niche se cutkarke well soil mix with caw manure k repoting ki hu,abhi maheena hone m hai aur koi bhi reaction nahi hai na leaves dry hue na yellow aur na growth hui,ap plz bataiye kya karna chahiye aage kuch seaweed liquid daalu ya wait karu.

  3. Hii ma'am me ne aaj hi do plants ale the Nursery se to waha se gobar ki khad wali miti bhi liya mene apne pot ke lie par wo mithi gili thi aur Mane us me plant lagane ke bad bhi itna Pani Diya taki pani niche se nikale jab tak pani Diya …abhi me kya karu mere plant kharab to nai honga na

  4. Daily, i watch ur videos. Bcz very soon I am going to plant 2 plants. There are so many videos on u tube for plants care. Before watching urs, i watched them. And i was not satisfied. But i only got satisfaction by watching ur videos.
    And ur channel is the best bcz u are the only one who explains everything and clears minor doubts of me😁😘😘😘😘😘. You are such a humble girl who helps unknown people without anything in return. I adore u alot ❤️ 🙈

  5. Hi didiji you explained very well .maine kal hi apki channel subscribe ki hai. Maine apki cowdung fertiliser ki vedio dekhi. muse एक question tha ki cowdung cake kaha milta hai?

  6. Very informative, thanks. A question is ‘ if the bottom holes are more or bigger, won’t the water flow out fast and the root get dry? So should we block the drain hole partially?

  7. Hii mam… एक दुविधा है, कृपया समाधान करिए

    मेने soil prepare करी, 10:5:2 soil:खाद:बजरी(रेत) के ratio में

    मेने मिट्टी को 1 मटकी तोड़ के गमला बनाया उसमे डाला, ओर थोड़ी मिट्टी प्लास्टिक के गमले में डाली, दोनों में नीचे 4-4 hole भी कर दिए, ओर बजरी के जो मोटे कंकड़ होते है उनको hole के ऊपर एक लेयर बिछा दिया ताकि पानी की निकासी आसानी से हो सके,
    अब हो ये रहा है कि मिट्टी के मटके से बने गमले में तो पानी बिल्कुल इकट्ठा नही हो रहा, जैसे पानी डालता हूँ पूरा drain हो जा रहा है, प्लास्टिक वाले गमले में पानी बहुत देर तक पड़ा रहता है,

    अब बारिश के season में तो घड़ी घड़ी पानी बरस रहा है, तो परिणामस्वरूप प्लास्टिक वाले गमले overflooded हो रहे है । मुझे क्या करना चाहिए, क्या प्लास्टिक के गमलों में ये समस्या common है।

  8. When I did proper watering and my everything is perfect so soli ki condition kya hogi
    After 1 day, 3day, 7day
    How I will judge now this time for this plant need water

  9. Wow. I have got exactly same tile design in my balcony. I recently bought and renovated my home 4 months back. I chose exactly same tiles with leaves, lil less leaves and then no leaves tile pattern in my balcony.

  10. Hi, my lemon plants leaves were drying and now all leaves fell, evn when leaves were drying new leaves & branches came but they also dried and fell
    Please suggest watering m doing limited no fungus issue i cheked. What could be the problem

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