DIY Aquarium Planters (Fish Tank Potted Plants)

Sometimes i get comments asking about ways to save your guppy fry from being eaten. So the most effective way is DIY Aquarium Planters or fish tank potted plants which is great for breeding tanks such as Guppies, Cichlids or Goldfish. And it also answer the question of How to SAVE your Guppy Fry! Best Hiding Spots? In today’s video, i will show you how to make Aquarium Planters and how to added potted plants to aquarium. These are great for bare bottom tanks like the one i currently have or tanks where the fish are going to dig. Plants for these pots should be something that is easy to grow in low light.

I selected some terrarium plants for this project, mainly due to broad and long leaves and they also offer great variation to the tank. All the plants are low light and require easy maintenance. Then i bought some plastic pots and filled them with gravel and inserted plants in the pots. If you buy any potted plants then they need to be removed from their plastic pots, and if there is bunch of plants in single pot then they need to be separated, depending on the requirement. Any damage leaves or branches were removed prior to inserting them in to the aquarium. Extra care should be taken while lowering the pots as gravel might comes out of the pot or plant might go lose and float around in the aquarium.

1. Purple Waffle
2. Purple Temple
3. Aluminium Plant
4. Unknown
5. Unknown

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