DIY || HOW TO MAKE A TRELLIS FOR A POTTED PLANT (with just two materials)

In this video I show you how to take some simple sticks and wire to create a cute and useful trellis for your vining plants to climb up.

Featured plants:
– Hedera helix ‘wonder’ in 6″ pot
– Scindapsus pictus in 6″ pot

– 6 foot-long bamboo stakes purchased at Home Depot
– Floral wire (you can buy this at Walmart or most craft/hobby/plant shops)
– Wire cutter to cut bamboo and wire (you can get at any hardware store)
– Needle nose pliers (optional)


  1. Thank you so much! I am wanting to make my own trellis for my Cissis discolor aka Rex Begonia vine propagations that are ready to pot up! Great video🌿💜🌿 Your plant looks great! 🙏🏽🌿

  2. Have my materials and ready to go. Appreciate the simplicity of creating this organic trellis! Found the bamboo sticks at Lowes and the floral wire at a hobby shop.

  3. Both of them look great, and your up close video of each step was really helpful. It's good to use vertical space~

  4. Great idea, and exactly what I was looking for. Something I can make with stuff I've already got at home. Eventually I'm gonna make my own moss (Coco coir) poles though. As for vining plants… I have a lot, but no trellises so far, which is why I'm here. My hoya carnosa suddenly has a long vine growing out in the last few days, and all day long it's moving around looking for something to climb. I actually wanted to use the bamboo U hoops for trellises, but these days I can't find them anywhere. I'm lucky I was able to find a pack of the 6 ft bamboo at home depot. I went to a few locations around my city that were supposed to have it according to their site, but most had absolutely nothing for plant support. That little section was bare in each store. I tried one more, and they had 1 pack of 6 ft bamboo left, or I'd have bought many more just for making little trellises. I'm babbling, but it really has been difficult to find these things recently. I appreciate this though, and Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. hi I have lychee seeds it grows like a ivy I would like to know after I make the treliss my question is the glue is aquarium water
    proof glue or silicone can
    I paint on the glue besides
    the skewers
    thank you have a great day enjoy life I will

  6. I think the bamboo was a good idea & the way you constructed the trellis is wonderful. My only concern is tying the plant to the trellis with wire. I am afraid the wire will cut into the plant. I think I would try yarn or string of something. Just a thought. But you did an awesome job!

  7. You can use woodprix plans. The best handbooks and very detailed instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.

  8. I like that much better than the ones on the wall. Drilling, hooks, wire. You cant really do that in an apt. without having to fix holes later. Great idea!

  9. Great video, the bamboo poles actually made it look a lot nicer cause it's actually climbing. Have you tried a fish line? Thank you.

  10. The final product looks so great! One question– what do you do once the vines "outgrow" (not sure that's the right term- what I mean is, once they get longer than the bamboo stakes) the current trellis? I'd love to do this with my philodendrons. Thanks!

  11. Very creative and inspirational dyi. It has so much more character than anything you would ever find in a store!

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