Dollar Tree DIY Faux Potted Plants

Showing you how I made ALL Dollar Tree DIY Potted Plants. This are made using dollar tree materials and can be used as home decor or centerpieces. Faux plants are made using dollar tree greenery from floral bouquets!


  1. Renew, reuse, revamp!!
    Your ideas are the BEST!! This will be about my 3rd or 4th DIY that I've copied!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

  2. Renew, reuse, reVamp!
    So glad I saved all the greens when I did a version of your heart wall hanging! Thanks for the great ideas!!

  3. renew, renew, revamp! I live for your videos Jay Munee! I love this, especially because I kill plants. Can you do one that is for porch decor? Similar to this, but maybe larger? It would be a great one for spring!

  4. I'm a huge DIY junkie! Everything from what you just did, to huge projects around my house! I love what you did with your dollar tree finds! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I didn’t know you watched the southern girl wow she another one I love watching you and her are both amazing there is only so many I really love watching because you’re all fun not boring to watch plus you really show us how you do the things you make and don’t say anything like didn’t think 🤔 I need to show you how to paint ugh I was watching some one intill she made that remark. Then that was all it took for me not to watch or add her to my videos list. I’m just not thrilled with someone who thinks that way. And yes I watch all the way to the end about the reuse and all but trying to text it all

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