Don’t keep indoor plants in bedroom? Buy plants that give out oxygen at night?

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With the increasing love for indoor plants, a lot of people have also started asking that if indoor plant can be dangerous to keep in a bedroom. If you want to know that you should buy plants that give out oxygen at night, please watch this video. I hope you like it.

|Night CO2 absorbing plants|
Aloe, succulents, like haworthia or any cactus, snake plant, christam cactus, peepal (only when it’s growing as an epiphyte) ..


  1. Well explained, mam..👏🏻👏🏻 It is a very informative video and I bet no one else could explain all these facts in a simpler and easily understandable way like you..☺ I really respect your passion and love for the plants..🌼 And, your knowledge of the science behind the plants is just incredible..😇 Hats off to you, mam..😊 And, about this channel, it is one of the best channels to learn about plants and gardening that I have come across so far and it has become one of my favourite YouTube channels..🥰 Keep posting more informative videos like this in the future, mam..✨ Really loved your videos..❤️

  2. It's amazing. I request you to throw some lights on similar questions if possible.
    1. Does pipal and banyan tree produce oxygen even in night. if yes then how what difference they have in terms of tree breeds.
    2. we all heard neem tree is good and it's benefit. Looking for some information in tems of scientific way.

  3. Great videos and information. Could you help answer one more question, is it bad luck to keep Cactus at home? as i have been hearing this a lot and i am very confused because as much as i love them i aint sure if its okay to keep them or not. Hope you could help answer it.

  4. I'm planning to fill me bedroom full of plants. Like, really full of plants… My room is pretty small (about 4x5m = 20 m^2) . Would it than not have an effect at night?

  5. Amazing !
    Hoping this debunks the C02 related global warming/climate change or whatever new name they will make.
    Cause it would mean that all the forests are contributing to this C02 emissions at night.

  6. Thanks a lot for this video. You are wonderful lady. Enjoyed this video. What plants I can keep in bedroom and living room. I was told snake plant. Do you suggest any list of plants I can have in bedroom and living room which purifies the air. Thanks from California.🙏

  7. I love the science behind your description, it was more understandable of why/why not to keep plants in your room and stuff because it was logical compared to "oh yeah according to name these ones are good, these are bad" so thank you!!!

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