Doodling Potted plants

Hey guys! Here I have some random doodles of potted plants. Please please please excuse my eczema, its been so bad recently, and I’ve been trying to medicate it, but since it’s on my hands, and I always use my hands, it just doesn’t always work. If looking at it really bothers you, I’ll wear gloves next time, just let me know. Coz I do feel uncomfortable too showing my medical condition out in public, but Ive also never painted with gloves xD so… yea.. please let me know if it bothers you or makes you uncomfortable ~ sorry

Uh yea, so hope you enjoy these plant doodles, I felt better after painting this one coz my moods been up and down coz of my hands continuously ruining my paintings. Oh and let me know if you have anything you want me to talk about? questions? I think I’m running out of things to say (just being honest xD) I’m not so good with talking in “public” hehe cheers!!

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watercolor: KOI and pentel
Brushes: Reeves and W&S sceptre gold II
Paper: fabriano 25% cotton hot pressed

“Piano Sonata Number 13 D. 664 in A Major, Movement 2”, a free-use public domain song by Franz Schubert, courtesy of Musopen:

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