Doodling Potted plants

Hey guys! Here I have some random doodles of potted plants. Please please please excuse my eczema, its been so bad recently, and I’ve been trying to medicate it, but since it’s on my hands, and I always use my hands, it just doesn’t always work. If looking at it really bothers you, I’ll wear gloves next time, just let me know. Coz I do feel uncomfortable too showing my medical condition out in public, but Ive also never painted with gloves xD so… yea.. please let me know if it bothers you or makes you uncomfortable ~ sorry

Uh yea, so hope you enjoy these plant doodles, I felt better after painting this one coz my moods been up and down coz of my hands continuously ruining my paintings. Oh and let me know if you have anything you want me to talk about? questions? I think I’m running out of things to say (just being honest xD) I’m not so good with talking in “public” hehe cheers!!

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watercolor: KOI and pentel
Brushes: Reeves and W&S sceptre gold II
Paper: fabriano 25% cotton hot pressed

“Piano Sonata Number 13 D. 664 in A Major, Movement 2”, a free-use public domain song by Franz Schubert, courtesy of Musopen:

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  1. Thank you for this day of calmness. By just focusing on you painting the adorable plants and the music and listening to you talk, brought me comfort. Sometimes I paint for a bit after you have finished or do it the next day, but I do paint a bit. I've done other paintings from your videos but feel that they are not worth posting,. Now and then I do post on my IG. and have a few from your video and Skillshare classes. Thank you for being you and sharing 🤗

  2. I love your channel so don't change a thing. Yes the tutorials are great but i like this too.
    Work gets in the way of art. When you're tired and in the routine of work it can rob creativity

  3. Looking down the list of your videos for what (plant) to try next…. food tutorial (yep, i need a snack) ..plant (painted that)… food, (yep another snack) and so on. You will need to start a diet channel next 😀

  4. You are just darling! You can talk all you want or you don’t have to talk, It’s OK with me!you are such a blessed Artist, I call it a gift from God! I’m getting close to be75 and I didn’t know I could draw until about seven mos. ago. I was blessed with the gift of hairstylist and color tech. Which I loved and did for 41 years. I always thought I couldn’t draw two sticks! My mom and her sisters were artists late in life. Well I’m begging to believe it runs in the family! All that and I just wanted to say thank you for your technique and the way you show how to get started! Your videos are great and so are you!

  5. I just discovered you have
    Have done 31 tutorials in just the past
    Few weeks. I love your calm voice and careful explanations. I also enjoy the variety of your tutorials. Thanks for providing a fun and relaxing way to pass the many hours of quarantine.

  6. I just discovered you a week ago, and Im so happy and grateful! You are an excellent teacher and I love the way you go step by step with drawing and explaining , then painting and on and on. I'm learning how to paint and understand flowers for the first time. Love ya! Keep going!

  7. I heard u talk about eczema. Try probiotics in a capsule at a health store or grocrey health section. Get the highest amount and that should help u get rid of it. I had a horrible rash all over my body and doctor said it was the same and i took it and it got rid of it . Many blessings nia🙏🏻🤗

  8. I just discovered you now and I say you’re a great teacher. I’m not an artist at all but I’m giving painting a try because I want to learn something new this covid-19 quarantine and I love listening to you

  9. This is the first video of yours that I watch so I don't know much about you but I believe we may have the same type of exzema on our hands… If I may say something that has helped me to get my hands looking human again is to limit my contact with water/hand sanitizer and excessively moisturize with a fragrance free lotion/balm (I LOVE the Aveeno exzema therapy nighttime balm! I put it on right as I get out of the shower or wet my hands and right before I go to bed) I'm sorry if this bothers you but I went years hating and hiding my hands and I just want to help as much as I can whenever I see someone in a similar situation. Thank you for hearing me out and have a beautiful day!!

  10. Nia. Please don’t even consider wearing gloves on our behalf. If anybody has a problem with your hands, they should seek therapy for their disagreeable personalities.
    You keep being you, and doing what you do. It’s wonderful, and immensely inspiring. What your hands can do is infinitely more important than how they look. X

  11. I love your water color tutorials, your trips and the way you explain how to draw the flowers.
    I would like to paint, but every time I tried i made only a mess son pls keep your videos coming x

  12. Fun to watch and listen to also ! I discovered your channel just recently and have been binging on your videos, painting / learning and inspired almost non stop….thanks to YOU!!! 🙂

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