Do's & Don'ts – INDOOR PLANTS (Tamil) | with me NITHYA | with English subtitles

Wanna see your indoor plants healthy and happy always 🙂 here are few tips!


  1. Pls letme know how much of water is required for indoor plants. Should I water it daily??

  2. Vanakam I need shenbagam maru parijatham Rosemalli marikulundu Iruvatchi pannerrose 7dayrose kanakaambaram karumanjal nathichoori kalthamarai karisalai white plants. Suitable for pot planting location chennai plz.indicate the cost of plants and transport cost

  3. Iam having snake plant in my room. The top layer of the soil become dry in once in three days. Can I water it.

  4. Indore pant soil ah different different ah bugs nd insects eruku athuku one video podugalae please.and some water plants complete ah water la valarurathu

  5. Hi sis it's really looking nice and cool I really like it… if we keep the plant Inside the house how the indoor plant will get the sunlight please reply me

  6. Hi Nithya , thank you for your information… And What fertilizer is best to give to the indoor plant and how often to apply it once a day ….

  7. Sister pls tell me about peace lilly plant , my plant getting black in tip of the leaves, how to care

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