Fast Growing Indoor Plants! | My Fastest Growing Houseplants!

Here are some of the fastes growing indoor plants for beginners. It is always nice to have some asy plants that grow quickly for us with minimal effort. Best indoor plants houseplants!

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  1. I really prefer plants that are green 😂 I’m not a big fan of all the colours, I do think some white is nice but not overly in love with them like I am green 🥰 but I have heard that a lot of people are like that but after years of having plants you start to want more unique ones. Maybe that’s why I’m still wanting just green as I’ve only had plants for nearly two years. I will say though I love colourful flowers in my garden just not in the house xxx

  2. Thank you Harli G. for this very important, informative video; plants, trees, seaweed / kelp, and phytoplankton absorb the 'greenhouse gas' carbon dioxide, and convert carbon dioxide into individual carbon atoms that become part of the structural growth of plants, trees, seaweed /kelp, and phytoplankton, while simultaneously producing much needed oxygen for us to breathe and stay alive. Carbon dioxide is a waste gas of cellular respiration of aerobic bacteria, insects, animals, and humans. As a consequence of many decades of deforestation of rain forests, and the lumber industries of each country cutting down too many trees for lumber (wood) and / or, clearing land of plants and trees for cattle (the beef industry), wild fires around the world destroying plants and trees, ocean warming, fossil fuel internal combustion engines, jet engines, and the burning of coal, there is currently not enough phytoplankton (salt water green algae in coastal area's of earth's oceans), not enough seaweed /kelp, and not enough land vegetation (plants & trees) to maintain an adequate amount of oxygen in earth's atmosphere; the amount of oxygen in earth's atmosphere has been decreasing as the amount of carbon dioxide increases.

  3. I've found the monstera adansonii to be very fast growing. I have a small plant in a 2.5 inch pot that I got as a cutting with 3 leaves and it puts out a new leaf every week or two.

  4. I like the all pink syngoniums but not the green/pink as much. I have a Maria Allusion that I mixed with some cuttings of a light green variety, it’s looking really cool so I’m excited to see how it turns out

  5. Hey I personally prefer green plant’s 🌿
    I really don’t like pink 🤭 and I think variegated plants can look sick to me … eek
    I love your videos 😘

  6. I am not a fan of pink in general, so pink plants don't do no it for me. Sad because it seems they are everywhere. Oh well. I am very happy with green and variegation.

  7. I'm not a fan of pink plants. I like some white anr/or cream variegation, and I like some plants that have red on the backs of the leaves, but no pink or purple for me

  8. I have a Chinese elm bonsai tree I had it for only 2 weeks and spotted over 30 new leaves although with a Chinese elm they can go crazy fast and their original leaves start to die as the new ones arrive.

  9. Love my Tradescantia. It seems like they have grown a bit each morning that I check them. And the various colors, leaf sizes and fuzz levels available are all gorgeous. Not keen on pink plants but do live lilac, purple, or burgundy.

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