Flat Design Potted Plants | Illustrator CC Tutorial

In this Illustrator tutorial, learn how to design minimal flat potted plants. Similar to my other flat design Illustrator tutorials, we’ll use the shape builder tool a TON to make different styles of pots and leaves.

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  1. you are like. A god but better, thank you so much i never knew i could do these stuffs in illustrator because i never picked it up i thought it would be supper complicated to use but thank you for teaching me some short cuts and basic i would definetly come back for more tips

  2. Such an easy to follow tutorial! Some people just fly through and make it very difficult to learn properly. Thanks very much!

  3. Bro if u r doing content for begeners then why you talk qwq and use short cuts … my gf couldnt follow the processe

  4. Thank you so much! I thought 18mins would be too much to spend. But this is the best tutorial. Well detailed and easy to understand. ☺️

  5. This is a great tutorial🙌…..but I get a white outline around all shapes I draw…..how can I fix that?

  6. Hello! I want to say that I really appreciate how you guide us through that tutorial. I love that you repeat the shortcuts every time so I get to remember them. Thank you.

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