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  1. I admire your enthusiasm and seemingly limitless energy and talent with but a single caveat, and this is only my personal preference. I've heard you say a couple of times now how much you like the plants that are yellow (of several varieties) which for the most part look like coneflowers or daisies, the name by which you call them escaping me at the moment; and I cannot abide them 🤣! I think they're hideous in every arrangement and setting I've seen them in, but then I can't stand yellow except in tiny buttercups or in roses, and anything remotely looking like a daisy is gnarly looking to me, with the exception of the purple coneflower. It's just all too offensive to my eye. What you said in your podcast on "Cottage Gardens" I ate up like candy, I couldn't have agreed more, BUT for the soft yellow plant you mentioned. Ack! Substitute a rose for that and I'm great guns for the whole shebang. (I sorry 😑) I'm just a pale pink to dark purple person. And variegated greens, too.

    I had the chance to work in a greenhouse for a time myself and loved it. The lady who ran it with her husband was a bit gruff but this only piqued my interest all the more as I found it ironic that someone with a bad attitude was so enthused with delicate lovely things. This was not a person who gave a fig about her own personal appearance either. In any case, the opportunity arose for me to one day do the initial seeding for their petunias. BUT, in the TINIEST earthen pots I'd ever seen! They were the ones that are less than one half-inch square, and were fed in their own pallets through a seeding machine that was manually operated and would plant some 12 to 14 seeds across in a row for each pallet at a time. Well, this was just the best thing since Disco as far as I was concerned. (Hey, I'm 66 now with no teeth, gimme a break.) Anyhow, so she instructed me how to use this animal, with the single proviso to take care that the openings at the bottom where the seeds will lie before being plopped into the tiny pots didn't get damp with condensation, otherwise the seeds will get stuck in the machine and place too many seeds at one time in the pots.
    I told her no problem, that I'd keep a lookout. There were over a hundred packets of various kinds of petunias so I carefully started and was going steadily about this work when, after a couple of hours, she came back in and checked up on me with approval, then left again. Well, I have this tendency, along with every other member of my initial family, to talk to myself, AND, as things would have it, it came to pass, being left alone in a deserted part of this huge warehouse I began to engage in a verbal reverie. Mind you this is never with any one person in particular, just some random individual who pops to mind. I've no idea now what the conversation was about, as I've forgotten it entirely due to what happened over the course of 40 odd minutes. Presently I 'came to' and, noticing I'd drifted off and hadn't been paying attention to the equipment, I instantly checked the seeder for condensation…oops!
    The seeds were clumping up in groups of 4 and 5 at the aperture! They must have been doing so this entire time—ohmyLord! How will I ev–oh well, guess they'll have to settle for "Petunia Surprise!" This concept then hit me like a brickbat, and could feel a rush of hilarity seize me. That did it! I burst into the loudest fit of laughter I've ever had in my life! The air-theiving kind, where you keep increasing in volume in protracted bursts, coming to a sudden stop only to realize I'd another one coming and I was helpless do stop it. Laughter peeled from me in ever more maniacal ripples, completely confounding her husband who came in, looked at me with his usual deadpan gaze and left. This only added fuel to the fire that already was burning out of control. She finally came in and stopped to look at me and for the first time she was grinning! Say no more! I concluded her question and pointed at the seeding machine, tears streaming down my face. She approached with her grin pasted to her face, eyes too widely open.
    "o-KAY. What have you been 🚬 smoking?" This just pushed me into overkill and I doubled over, wheezing, pointing now at the pallet. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I was able to gain enough composure to reiterate to her, "Remember what you said about the condension?" She nodded with a big, slow, 'Yeeees.'
    "Well, I kinda got lost in thought for a moment, and—" Here the giggles got me again.
    "Sooo, what exactly IS in these pallets?" She carefully ventured, the grin still with her, as I choked out a reply.
    "Petunia Supprize??!"
    Time for her to bust up. Albeit for a shorter period of time than I, but she did just the same. The other horticultural engineers were really intrigued at this development and had to come in for a peek at this rare phenomenon. Her laughter came to a sudden stop, and mine with it as I feared she was going to axe me on the spot. Instead, she was quite genial, telling me to mark the effected pallets as 'Petunia Surprise' and then dry off the seeder and finish up. The others were astounded, I was ever so grateful, and as she turned and left, muttered the new name with a chuckle in her exit. I did as told, intermittent 'erps' of 'ha!' coming from me while seeding the rest of the packets. No more petunia surprise occurred.

    I thought that tidbit might amuse some who may have encountered a mix up or two in their own sojourns through the daffodils. Tah. 💐

  2. Thank you Laura I do believe you slant your flowers when planting them! Which I never thought f! Great idea, I have done this in planting some of my containers for the first time! will post in proven winners ! When grown! Thank you!

  3. Well, it's a good idea to maintain moisture,
    but I don't think that container has enough space for root development,
    After short time duration it's need to be Repoting again,

  4. Beautiful arrangements! I’m hooked to watch you gardening videos! I love them all, you explain it very nicely! Thank you!

  5. Can you give us the name of the fertilizers you're using so that we can order online here in the philippines i hope its available in our country thanks for the wonderful ideas i made one already

  6. I love all of the containers you do that I’ve seen so far lol. I have one I wanna finish. I honestly didn’t know you can do multiple varieties of flowers in one container. Thank you for your videos on containers 🙂

  7. Love the pots can’t wait to see their progress. What a beautiful wreath. I just found your channel a few months ago and I have taken your lead and started filling my pots a lot fuller. They look great! See you in the next one.

  8. I use the old fashion way to water plants with the hose. How much water is enough. I planted three 5 gallon box woods in the shade and loads of super tunias in pots and in the ground. I was afraid to get super bells since they don’t take as much water. Luv your channel! You have inspired me to do lots of gardening and updating my landscaping. I love it!

  9. You have taught me so much about gardening and I Love it. I also like how you talk about depth and the various colors you use and why, brings me back to my Interior Design class days 🤗. With the truffula, the photo you showed where you planted it in your yard, did it take more than one plant to get the approximate size you showed? 🌸

  10. I had a bad experience with a planter. It got soaked from too much rain and got smelly. I couldn't understand why but I'm going to try doing planters again because they are GORG!

  11. Gorgeous! Can you please do a video about your favorite perennials that bloom all summer season long that I don't need to deadhead. Oh man, those plants would make all my dreams come true!

  12. LOVE this/these videos. This helps with inspiration, ideas and better understanding when putting my own flowers together. Please, please keep these coming! Look forward to the updates throughout the season. Great idea!

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