1. bro if i wasnt so damn poor id buy one lol. saving up for one now. albeit itll be the second one on your site not this one. not yet. 10k is a lot to drop on the machine for personal use ya know? but i will have one eventually and with any luck, by the time i can afford this one,youll have an even better one.

  2. Edit: wrote my comment to soon, literally explained it 5mins later in the video…wow

    My only concern would be if I’m doing bigger isolate runs, can I set it up where more pressure ramps in near the end. An can you control when it applies more presses/temp during the run or all pre-set?

  3. Great video loved it, but you said you were going to chill an pop the diamond out then ended the video with out doing so lol was looking so forward to see it

  4. Really enjoying the videos. Being new to live rosin and a new IQ owner, the learning curve in actually just collecting the THCA off the parchment paper. I talked to customer service and they recommended to use 90 micron filter bags for drier bud and a little lower temp and pressure. It’s definitely a science experiment and much more learning process than I anticipated but I’m determined to get it down. Just surprised collecting it is proving difficult haha.

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