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The Story of Morty and Planetina | Rick and Morty | adult swim


  1. There are times when you really love someone, you know that this relationship is not right, but you don't want to realize it until it's too late, this chapter is one of my favorites and it really got to me.

  2. I prefer the original song that was in this episode. 'I Am the Antichrist to You.' Gives off a whole new level of emotions.

  3. This is the best episode of the season, maybe even the whole series. I found it really deep if I’m most honest.

  4. I feel like Morty is slowly becoming more and more broken and is starting to resemble Rick more than just being his sidekick and I really enjoy how they put so much character development into this one episode, god ill never get tired of watching Rick and Morty it's just so good.

  5. I wonder if anyone is actually gonna make a parody of the Captain Planet credits theme song for Planetina.

  6. when i heard this song and after the song of kinshi banshi , i feel that flowers is the beggining of a relationship and im the Antichrist to you is the end

  7. Just went though a little heart break recently and not going to lie this how I felt watching Morty be in this relationship.This women I meant was a reflection of myself and everything we did together felt so sync and perfect but our relationship was only meant to last for certain point of time. I am heartbroken but grateful for the experience and lesson that will be integrated in my life. I just turn 25 and I am choosing to move on in falling in love with myself and sharing it with someone special.

  8. This song reminds me of my first love. I was 13 years old and I fell in love with a girl in my friend group. We would hang out like every week at the public pool and we would have some pretty deep conversations. She liked me back, but I didn’t find out until I found out she wasn’t the person I thought she was. A lot like Morty and Planetina in this episode, but way less extreme. I cried exactly like Morty did with his mom to my mom. The night we had the fight was the most I’ve probably ever cried.

  9. Man I’m so sad that plantaina went phonix and morty got his heart broken again after Jessica. I wouldn’t be surprised if his character becomes more heartless soon and cold

  10. Does anyone know where to watch season 5 for free? I love the show and I’m not getting any of these comments.

  11. I wanna see an episode where she and other characters voiced by community actors, like Hemorrhage, Supernova, Glaxo Slimslom, and if others in the future guest star then them too team up to get revenge on the Smith family

  12. This episode actually hit me in the feels because i think I get how morty was feeling and I honestly got really sad after watching this but man was it good

  13. Great back to what made Rick and Morty great
    Music and soul within the funny universe. Was hoping Morty was going to get a win especially after losing his last girlfriend while was reset . Poor Morty

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