Gardening Tips | The EASY Way to Pot Up Young Plants! | Garden Ideas | #short​​

A #short​​​ video showing how to easily pot up young plants without disturbing the roots. A quick and easy technique that will ensure healthy plant growth #youngplants #tips #gardening​​​ #ideas​​​


  1. This isn't easier. You still have to put the soil in around the leaves. Take the plant out and fill around the empty pot. 🙄

  2. Didn't think about this way…awesome…but how about replanting if we using plastik bag or polybag? Sometime it's not easy to put off the plastik from the plant cause the soil if not dry it Will break and drop

  3. This is what my grandma always told me how to. Unfortunately see suffering from 2nd stroke that makes her laying on the bed and can only give fingers gestures

  4. Your soil looks amazing, nice loamy texture. What brand is that if bought? And if you make your own soil medium would you share it with us. Thanks for sharing your tips

  5. I do the same… I just I would not fill up the pot till the edge.
    Leave a bit of space for the water, otherwise when watering will leak outside 🙂

  6. Almost looks like a damp sand mixture, also looks like the seedling soil is damp too? Which makes since with the perfect ringlets

  7. Great idea but isn't that too large a pot/too much soil for that tiny plant? Would it not retain too much water?

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