Get your Pots or Containers ready for planting!

Start a great container garden by properly preparing your pots or containers. This guide will teach you how to add proper drainage, wash your containers, use the right potting mix to make sure you are doing the best! These are the containers we buy: And this is the potting mix:


  1. How big does the hole have to be? and also is it ok if the container I’m using is made of plastic I’m trying to make my own garden during quarantine

  2. Okay so should u use coffee filters over drainage holes I heard that's the way to go and got them but am not sure if that's the way to go?

  3. Quick question- if therz a ceramic pot with just one hole in center, shld I cover it with a stone or wat?

  4. boss can we use sand at.the bottom layer.for.effective.drainage

    also can we add tiny stone ( which are used in during construction termed as aggregrate) for.better.drainage or.these will. have any negative impact

  5. @3:00
    No, no, NO!!!
    Empty the used soil in a wheelbarrow or tote. Then refertilize it! You can use natural fertilizer or compost. It’s a complete waste to throw it away.

  6. Can we put terra cotta plate under the terra cotta pot for drainage….?on a marble floor..thnks..i hope u will reply my question.

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