Grafting with Scions from Potted Plants

Potted mango plants can be a great source of graftwood!
In this video, Chris demonstrates how to prepare scions on a potted 7-gallon mango tree. Then she grafts the scions onto a young mango tree in the grove.

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  1. I
    Watched a video on you tube. That was saying you leave the seed on the ground outside. And eventually it would pop open and sprout.. and you.could pot it up. Is this true,?

  2. Sometimes you’ll see those pots with mango trees in them and they’re already have fruit hanging everywhere… is that because they grafted on scion that was just about the flower?

  3. Hi Chris my question is can I just use rubber bands for the elastic bands to wrap around the union I can’t find that material that you’re using I live on a US tropical island called Saipan, we have to just make up some of our own materials

  4. Why do you do veneer grafts here? I would have thought cleft grafts into those shoots would have made more sense (but you're the expert), so what am I missing?

  5. Hello there.
    Finally I put 6 Zill scions on my first tree to top work on 9th Dec 2017 and all the six scions took. They grow rapidly, right now the new shoots are at least 1 feet tall!! though they are still young and just started to turn green! I added other 9 scions of Tommy Atkins on the same tree on 6th January 2018. All the new 9 scions have started sprouting as well!!! What a wonderful results I couldn't imagine. Thank you very much for your videos as it illustrates the procedures very well. A very big thank you again from Tanzania East-Africa.

  6. Thank you madam, here in our part just bellow the equator, we are coming to our hottest month of the year. I have three 8 yrs trees which I cut the top canopy on August and I am planning to topwork with Alphonso, Tommy Atkins, Kent and Zill, with each tree to produce at least one variety. I am going to try your grafting techniques. I did the grafting several times before, on Mangoes and Avocados but never try topworking. This is my first time I am going to try.

  7. Sir you do cut with branch not see clear as cut is necessary to see then we are learn your technic if we not seen your graft cut clear so not learn as your vedio with graf main objects people more learn and second matter your language eglish not clear like as indian eglish as your eglish sound very different.

  8. Do u know what is the longevity of these scions once they are cut from the tree?

    Can i wait few days to graft the scions once they are cut or do i have to graft right away?

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