Growing Annual Phlox as a Cut Flower : Flower Hill Farm

Hi Flower Friends! It’s Nicole from Flower Hill Farm- today I am sharing my methods of growing annual phlox as a hardy annual.

Here’s an article about the frost tolerant nature of phlox:

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  1. I grew cherry carnel phlox a few years ago & didn’t have great success because I couldn’t find enough info about how to grow annual phlox. So thank you!!!

  2. I don’t know if I got really lucky but I direct sowed four different varieties of phlox in 30 gallon fabric pots back in December and in mid January. I did not cover any of them because for some reason I thought they needed light to germinate. Honestly I still believed that they did until this video because all of mine germinated and none of them were covered. LOL. Zone 10a/10b here

  3. Heat germination with sugar stars. One day one heat then slip under shelf used a Dom and put a Towle Over them. Almost 100% germination. Bakers creek.

  4. I was just using your sample spreadsheet this past weekend and entering in all the information for my seed varieties(HUGE help btw) and when I got to phlox I kept thinking…hmmmm, Nicole started these pretty early last year?? I think I’ll try too, I am in zone 4b as well!

  5. Hi Nicole. Your videos are very inspirational and to the point. I will appreciate your help to solve a problem with my rose. I bought a mini rose plant with two fully opened blooms . The other buds are about 20% open for 3 weeks and not opening at all. What can you suggest that I do. Many thanks for your help. I have it indoors.

  6. I love phlox so much! Unfortunately, mine always get devoured by deer and rabbits, so I have given up trying to grow them.

  7. Will you explain s l o w l y your pinching method. Mine did great after a 2-year fail after I soil-blocked, but they did grow pretty crazy and “branch-y”. It sounds like pinching them might be the final secret to success?

  8. Sugar stars are harder to grow, they took so long to take off and got gangly, but we loved them and will grow again

  9. Hurray! I have sugar stars and blushing bride and my last frost is around 1 April, it means I can put them outside 1 March! 👏🏻👏🏻

  10. Just getting started and so inspired by you! But, how in the world do you find an insurance company to cover this type of business 😖 I can pretty much only find people willing to cover farmer market vendor liability only!

  11. Good info, last year mine were so so…..this year after watching your video, I know what to do! Thanks

  12. I've cut perennial phlox for bouquets before and had an issue with it shedding quickly. Am I just not cutting the stems early enough? Love you're enthusiasm!

  13. Oh I liked that picture, I like your hair longer 😊, king of Adele ish…don’t mind me just a mom!

  14. I love hummingbird moths! I had two of them visit my pollinator garden last summer it was so amazing to see

  15. I seen a hummingbird moth for the first time 2 seasons ago. I didnt know what it was until my husband said something to me. I do think they are magical. I didnt know that there was annual phlox. I have perennial ones. Can u pinch them back and make them bushy.

  16. I wouldn't want to go back to my 20s. Too many undiagnosed health problems. Too many unknowns.

  17. Have you found your bio 360 breaks down over the season, or do you have to do something with it? Phlox are gorgeous!

  18. I bought phlox this year and many other fillers and was debating on actually growing but now that I've seen your video I've got to try it! Thanks so much!

  19. I had hummingbird moths in my 4 o'clock garden (over 5) and I loved them. We're excited to see what happens this year since it was just before the cold hit. Didn't bother me since those flowers grow like crazy.

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