Growing Orchids and other plants in the same pot – Why it's a bad idea

Today we are talking about growing orchids together with other house plants in the same pot.. and all the things associated with it!
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Orchid collectors ad enthusiasts mostly grow orchids potted separate, each one in its own pot. Here are the reasons why we prefer this:

1. Growing media, most house plants are terrestrial, but Orchids we can grow at home are mainly epiphytes. Learn more here

2. Watering, it will be difficult to maintain both orchids and the terrestrial plants at the ideal level of moisture.

3. Fertilizing, generally Orchids don’t need too much fertilizer, while most other house plants do.

4. Other culture requirements such as temperature, light and humidity might be incompatible.

5. Spreading pathogens will be very easy when we pot plants in the same pot.

5.1. Pests travel really quickly when plants are potted together.

6. Allelopathy, many plants fight for their space, a pot will not stop that

7. Limited space for root grow, one will dominate the other.

8. One can shade the other or hinders its development.

Plants that can grow with orchids: mosses, sphagnum moss, air plants and other small plants which have the same requirements. There aren’t very many though 🙂

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✿ My environment:
Subtropical climate, hot summers and mild winters
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Growth space is kept at min 17C and max 29C
✿ What I use in my Grow Room:

LECA – Pokon or IKEA
Paph and Phrag Imperial Orchid Mix
Oncidium Imperial Orchid Mix
Sphagnum Moss – Spagmoss from Besgrow

Fertilizer and suppliments:
MSU Orchid fertilizer for osmosis / rain water
Orchid Focus Bloom (when I need something low in N)

Pots, containers, baskets:
DIY self watering pots and masks from local flower shops
Lechuza self watering pots
Decorative Tolumnia pots (affiliate link)
Wooden Vanda baskets

LED shop pannels from Leroy Merlin, 4000k
Tertial lamps from IKEA
Orvibo WiFi Smart Plugs

Shelf units:
Shirley’s Simple Shelving
Lerberg and Mulig from IKEA
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  1. What would cause an orchids leaves to fall off? They didn't turn yellow before falling off.

  2. Thank u , I bought a orchid with a snake plant was wondering about them long term . 3 months later now I have 2 cool different plants very different from each other .

  3. I think because of house conditions it’s better to separate, I do have air plants with my orchids.
    Many orchids coexist and do better with their companions but every orchid is different, I know many of our Australia native terrestrial orchids have microbial fungi they need to survive and each one varies in companions, just like their pollinators vary from evolution changes to attract or fool insects to breed with them 😉
    Quite interesting to see moss, lichen and sundews around many, certain ones we search around heaths as they seem to have that connection.

    The love of orchids is an ever evolving life of learning with great sadness and rewards and never giving up

  4. Great video, Danny! I think that you may care to look into "allelopathic" responses in plants. Also, there is a documentary on YouTube that you (or anyone who is interested in this topic) may want to watch called, "What Plants Talk About". It is a little under an hour, but if you are short on time, I recommend watching from minute 32:00 to 42:00, although really the whole thing is interesting. It's from 2014, so there may be more developed research out there now, but I think we can still learn a lot from it. 🙂

  5. Hey Dani, is that a Drosera Admirabilis you have there? Was wondering if your medium for it is purely sphagnum moss and if its sitting in water or using the wicking system? Cheers

  6. I have a little tip for those who want to plant different plants in the same pot.
    You plant them on different smaller pots and put these pots into a larger pot, cover the gap with pebble or whatever decorate stuff you like.
    This way you can water them exactly how each one need in their prefer soil. However this won't change the fact that each of them need different amount of light and humid so you have to group the plants careful. Not recommended for beginners. Goodluck.

  7. I recall you mentioning the sundews not flowering — most of those definitely like vastly more sun tan Paphs, which is probably why. They'll survive most things, being rather hardy little things, but they actually love ridiculous amounts of light, at which point they will flower indefinitely. I'm talking full, unadulterated direct summertime sun here. (Introduce gradually.)

  8. Didn't you pot a couple of mini phals together before? What happened to them? 🙂 Are they doing okay?

  9. Closed terrariums is the subject of my question, not about diseases but about how a small orchid would do in a closed terrarium. I've been thinking of making a closed terrarium, as I've been gifted with a HUGE bottle with a lid (think large water bottle) and would like to do another terrarium. Thank you.

  10. My grandma once got an arrangement as a gift and she had an orchid with 2 Ferns potted in one pot and soil it needed to be reported right away because of root rot 😣

  11. Danny, I would like to ask how is it going with your Renanthopsis Mildred Jameson and if you have any mokara, if yes, do you think there is any difference in growing compared to Vandas? Both plants here are soooooo slow and weird… Mokaras grow well, but no sign of flowers at all, even if they have the same light/care as vandas (vandas bloom here). I think in both cases, the Renanthera genes might be slowing down the plants? What do you think?

  12. Hi. Have you ever thought about trying again zygopetalum orchids in your setup for cooler growers ? I'm sure they can also enjoy a terrestrial mix.

  13. You CAN grow houseplants in semi hydro! I have a bunch in SH and they do great. Is it a good combination with orchids in one pot: I agree, not a good idea! Imo, because of the roots from the houseplant, they are too vigorous and take over the pot. In terms of fertilizer/humidity/light: a pothos might be the best candidate if you insist on trying. I give them the same fertilized water/light and humidity as my orchids.

  14. Your root disrespecting privacy comment had me laughing 😂 Lesson 🙂 Plants need their personal space just like us. If someone really wants to make a multi-plant arrangement, they can put a bunch of different plants/orchids in a big bowl, but each still in their individual pots. Then, water/fertilize each one separately.

  15. I bought a Vanda Orchid from a home improvement store. It had lots of roots but I noticed after a bit of time that it had lots of dead roots.
    I found that the roots were root bound. So I cut off the basket. I put it in a wooden basket but the roots continued to die. Now all of the roots are dead. I put it in a pot with rocks to stabilize it and I put it in a humidity tent. The humidity is at 55% and the temperature is at 70* F.
    I do feed regularly What else can I do to grow more roots? I also use filtered water. 0 to 35 ppm.

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