Guide in Potting Artificial Plants Using Planters | MF Home TV

Because maintaining real indoor plants when you have a busy schedule isn’t always possible, artificial plants are a great alternative for decorating your home’s space. Besides the aesthetic enhancement that silk plants and trees provide, there are many other reasons why so many homeowners use them. To know more about it, watch this episode and let us know about your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Thank you MF for this episode! I must say this is a very good alternative for home owners who do not want to spend so much to real plants and don't want stress in keeping them.

    More power!

  2. Arranging and decorating artificial plants is easier, less hassle and comfortable in our home.. It is safe and we know that our home will become nice and clean with this kind of stuff. More power and God bless.

  3. MANDAUE FOAM is lang malakas, sobrang sulit Kung bibili ka sa mga items nila, before sa bahay ng mama ko, mga foam at iba pang gamit is sa mandaue namin binibili.. At now in God's perfect time,, may SARILI na kaming bahay mag asawa at nakalista na Kung anong bibilhin namin sa mandaue..

  4. Thank you, Mandaue foam for this YT Channel! Laking tulong ng mga videos niyo for us! Very informative and stress relieving ang mga videos 😍❤️

  5. Perfect idea for indoor plant. Soon i will apply in my own home too.. sana ako po ang manalo so i can have my own..💕

  6. Hindi ako masyadong fan ng plants especially indoor kasi hirap imaintain pero i think magbabago na iyon dahil dito! Good idea and thanks for the tips!!

  7. Thank you for these ideas.. My wife loves plant but we don't have enough space outside. So these artificial indoor plants are really great alternatives. Gonna surprise her with this 👍👍

  8. A very nice way to decorate your home especially if you work from home and always in stress. You get out of your work space and tah dah! You see this in your living area-sit and relax. Praying to win this time. ❤️

  9. Wow.. 😍😍 Really love plants and these artificial plants would really beautify one's house especially inside the bedroom. Thank you for these new ideas. Great help for a plant momma 🌿😘

  10. I'm a loyalist when it vomes to mandaue home products its like all things in my room are form mandaue foam.. Minimalist designs and modern makes me buy and even plants and vases are eye catchers to me.. I love their products and when it comes to house stuff things and furnitures,vases and artificial plants " Mandaue foam first thing comes to my mind"💕❤️ 'more power Mandaue foam!!!

  11. Very nice in indoors. I wish I could have one since I can't afford it now. I love mandaue foam, it's one of the reason why I am working so hard to buy their products to complete my house staff. Thanks you Mf. ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Thanks for that idea it was wonderful.. I so love it,i am a plantita and you give me these idea😍❤️ Lovelots MF ❤️

  13. Ohhhh Myyyyy.
    It is really such a great idea to have artificial plants indoor especially to those household who's busy working 8 hours a day, and wants to relax inside the house after a tiring day.
    Those indoors plants are a stress reliever.

  14. A very nice way to decorate your home especially if you work from home and always in stress. You get out of your work space and tah dah! You see this in your living area-just sit and relax. Praying to win this time. ❤️

  15. Been watching all your videos and it helps me alot.. i'am excited to transfer in our new home soon🙏👼

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