Harvesting Flowers & Making a Flower Drying Rack! 🌸✂️🥰 // Garden Answer

Harvesting Flowers & Making a Flower Drying Rack! 🌸✂️🥰

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  1. This is ingenious! Love all your videos… I was looking at your rack up high, and I bet you could use longer mounting cords and have a tiedown at an easy to reach location, and be able to lower to a working height, then raise it up to dry/store. Raise/lower as needed 😀 less ladder work! Just a thought!

  2. It would be so nice and easy for you if you rigged it so that you could raise and lower that from the floor, so you wouldn't have to climb a ladder to get up there. You could get long wires/strings and bundle them together at the bottom end so you could pull on them all together so it stayed even.

  3. Oh Laura what a gentleman Aaron is coming to help you get those branches. Wow and your flower drying rack turned out perfect! Oh and the flowers hung on it way better than hanging a picture. I agree with you.

  4. I love your flower shed. I am so jealous! What about doing a flower art gallery wall between your hutches. Maybe a road trip to Boise for some vintage floral prints and paintings!

  5. I reported the Gremlin several times. But what amazes me is that anyone who gets a Gremlin doesn’t comment and let people know. I had to research this before I found out it was not real. Anyway I reported it. Have a great day. 🤗😘Australia

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