Homemade soil moisture sensor for house plants (2)

I have been using bamboo skewers to anchor the succulent cuttings that I am trying to root. I did not want to plant them deep into the soil because I was afraid that the moisture might cause the cuttings to rot. As I removed the skewers after the cuttings had rooted, I noticed that the moisture on the skewers seemed to reflect the actual moisture in the soil. This struck me as a piece of very useful information. I started putting skewers into the soil of every potted plant I have to test things out. The result was very impressive. It told me not only if the soil was wet or dry, but it also gave me a complete profile of the soil moisture from the surface down to the bottom of the pot. This is such a simple and inexpensive tool to use. On the suggestion of my husband, I agreed to make a video to share the idea with other gardeners. I hope this is as useful for you as it is useful for myself. (P.S. I found out after I made the video that other gardeners use similar methods to test soil moisture. I hope that you will still find this useful.)