House plants that live really long | Indoor plants | Heritage plants

Don’t you want to own plants that would out-live you? Plants that you can hand down to your kids as precious green inheritance. Passing down a bit of your passion down through the generations. In today’s video, I will show you 7 such plants that can grow old with you.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Introduction
1:51 Boston fern
2:18 Oxalis triangularis
3:40 Sansevieria
4:32 Ficus
5:29 Jade
6:14 Monstera Deliciosa
7:12 Schlumbergera (Chirstmas Cactus)

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  1. I've been watching a lot of videos to figure out which plants would be the best 20th Anniversary gift to pick out for us. This video was the most helpful. I did end up with a Sanseveria as part of the selection. Out of curiosity, would a ZZ plant come close to making this list?

  2. I have a Christmas cactus that has been passed down at least 4 generations. My mom passed away. She got the plant when she got married. Mine almost died last year but I trimmed all the floppy leaves off and repotted it into a small pot. Luckily I saved it. But it is pretty small right now! It is roughly 150 years old.

  3. Mam kya aap hindi mein bhi bana sakte ho kya videos ,,, it will be better for elders of my family to learn from u coz lot of our plants are taken care by my dada dadi

  4. Hi Ann ! . Thanks for sharing this idea, though as of now my children are not interested in my plants. I’ll add at least some of these long lasting beauties to my already growing up collection of nature inside my home. I like your channel and I’ve subscribed it.

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