How I Water All of My Potted Plants! // Linda Vater

This is my technique for hand watering my potted plants. I have three watering ‘zones’ and this is one of them. I have two categories for potted plants: furniture pots & throw pillow pots. Watch this video to see what I mean!

Hose used here:

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  1. Plant foliage does not burn if watered in hot sunny conditions as many people believe. As sunlight passes through drops of water it is diffused…not magnified. No professional plant grower would wait to water plants if the need was immediate. The reason you avoid watering in hot sunny weather is a matter of efficiency due to evaporation. If your plants are stressed due to hot, sunny and especially windy conditions then get some water on them. Misting is ideal.

  2. You have such a gorgeous garden! I don’t know how the hose doesn’t get all tangled as you walk around! I use a 50ft hose and it’s a struggle lugging it around my small yard. Does the hose get rolled back automatically by the hose spinner (for lack of a better term)? Would you recommend a hose spinner please?

  3. I can’t believe you don’t use a Dramm 30” water wand. Ever since I got these, I love to water. It is like a gentle rain, but lots of water can be administered in just moments without pummeling your delicate plants. All the greenhouse folks use these for all their watering. I only figured this out recently and I would never go back!

  4. Sooooo does anyone else have to say good morning to their plants when they are watering? Especially when you have grown them from seeds? I feel like a plant mom and that I should🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. I am very, very keen to order a hose nozzle just like yours.
    I live in Canada. Can you send me the exact brand name for this hose? Thanks a million. You have become my go-to gal as a virtual garden master!!!

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