How I Water My Hanging Indoor Plants: The Ugly Truth!

I apologize for posting the first video with the music stuck in the beginning!

So here is a video on how I water my hanging plants. Its not pretty and mainly, I just try to get them watered as fast as I can! It tends to be a pain and its not something I look forward to doing, but it needs to get done!

Thank you for letting me know and thank you all for watching these videos and being so lovely!


  1. Love your channel! Couple of suggestions. This "BKSAI Plant Water Bottle for Hanging Plant" and "Ogrmar Plant Pulley Retractable Pulley" both on Amazon and this "Rain Mat Rolls" from Windows Garden Direct.

  2. I grab a bunch of ice cubes and put them on the surface of high-hanging plants. They melt slow enough to be absorbed before they leak. I will also water them in the shower so I can clean the leaves of my ferns.

  3. That begonia is gorgeous. I realize you prefer rainwater, but our tap water is ok. I have a 50 ft small diameter coiled indoor hose which I can attach to the faucer in my kitchen and I can reach all the plants in my kitchen and living room. I use a plastic watering can for the plants in my bathroom. I recently purchased a battery operated plant sprayer and wow, no more hand pumping. Happy Holidays Amanda and everyone ♡♡

  4. Sometimes I hang plants in pots that water will drain from..over other plants so it’s like a self watering system and I don’t have to take them all down. I’m not sure if it’s a smart idea or I’m just that lazy 😂 that first begonia though, I can’t wait for mine to look like that!!

  5. That begonia maculata is absolutely amazing! I am struggling with mine right now, mostly because there was some damage done to it before I got it. I am hoping I can salvage it, because I really love this plant!

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