How to Build an In-Ground Pot to Grow Huge Cannabis Plants

John from visits Master Cannabis Grower TD for 2nd visit this season to see how he plants his baby cannabis seedlings in a larger pot, how his girls for this season are growing, how he keeps pests away from his baby cannabis plants, how he hardens them off and gets them ready for outdoor planting without shocking them and how he builds an in-ground container to grow his cannabis plants so he can control 100% of the soil mixture, the nutrient leaching, and water loss. Finally, John will interview TD about building the in-ground pot so he can grow cannabis outdoors and he will share more about seeds and the genetics he is growing this year.
In this episode, you get the second update for TD’s season 2 grow and see how TD is able to grow 10+ pounds of cannabis flower off one plant by building a 9 ft diameter in-ground pot to protect his cannabis plant roots from gophers and allows him to control nutrient leaching, and water loss.
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In this episode, you will learn how TD up-pots his girls from the peat pots he starts the cannabis seeds in, up to a 2 or 5-gallon full-size pot that will be used until he plants his girls out into the in-ground container pot. You will learn which soil he uses and how he amends his pots with the best organic ingredients to grow healthy girls. You will learn why his potting soil is super strong, and he wants to encourage only the strongest cannabis plants to survive.

Next, you will learn how his cannabis plants are being grown outdoors in the space they will later be planted in the ground, and how he builds a temporary greenhouse structure to protect his young cannabis plants from the weather and pests. You will learn the kinds of insect traps he uses and how he keeps bugs that crawl off his table. You will also learn why he has a magnifying glass with his baby plants.

Next, you will discover how TD constructs an in-ground cannabis container, so he can grow his girls in the ground, but control 100% of the soil mix, water loss, and nutrient loss. You will learn how he makes it impervious to gophers, moles and voles, and other creatures that want to eat his cannabis roots. You will discover how worms can still find their way into his in-ground containers and why he lines them with hardware cloth and plastic. You will learn where he buys the hardware cloth and plastic.

Finally, John will interview TD about his in-ground pot and why he decided to build a 9-foot diameter in-ground pot when he normally only makes them 6 feet in diameter. You will discover why TD had to start his seedlings over and where he had to buy new genetics and find out which genetics he is using this time around.

After watching this episode, you will learn how to build the best in-ground container so you can grow giant cannabis plants like TD and harvest 10+ pounds per plant.

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