How to Care for Indoor Plants with Horticulturist Ben Hayman | How-to Garden Series | Episode 11

Indoor house plants clean the air, boost your mood and look great in the home. If you want to know how to help your house plants thrive then watch on! Hoselink Horticulturist Ben Hayman shares his top tips and tricks to caring for indoor plants including how often to water, reviving a sick plant, choosing a spot, fertilising and much more.

Products featured:
Super-grow Garden Fertiliser
Handy Snippers


Intro: (0:00)
Benefits of indoor plants: (0:12)
Picking your plant: (0:37)
Watering: (1:00)
Sunlight: (2:57)
Fertilising: (4:03)
Staking: (4:27)

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