How to Fertilize Indoor Plants | A Beginner's Guide

In this quick video I explain how to fertilize indoor plants. When do you need to start fertilizing your new plants? What type of fertilizer is best?

There are many fertilizer options for house plants (and I list many organic fertilizer options in the video), but the most important thing to remember is that more fertilizer is NOT better! Find the right fertilizer that works for you and remember that potted plants need nutrients in order to thrive. If you are unsure about whether or not to fertilize, start with very small amounts during the growing season ( when you plants are producing new leaves and growth).

Do not feed your plants if they are not growing! As a general rule, it is best to fertilize only during the growing season, although it is possible for plants to grow at other times as well. It is important not to over-fertilize as you may end up doing more harm than good to your houseplants.

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  1. I'm so glad you said, "Keep it simple." Many of my friends ask, how do you keep plants thriving? I reply that I let plants show me what they need, i.e., water, fertilizer, and sunlight. I have also referred your channel to some newbies on overall plant health! Thanks for all these great suggestions and plant design strategies!

  2. Questions: After I make my morning plant-drink/smoothie wl berries, greens, powders etc for myself, I wash out the blender and pour the water on plants outside. Is this good/bad/ the same as compost tee? Thanks.

  3. How many parts per million for a diluted liquid fertiliser would you suggest for say a weekly or fortnightly feed? I've been diluting my fertilisers to 200ppm on a TDS meter. I'm trying to be careful not to add too much, which is what some people do when they buy a pricey fertiliser, they want to use it immediately, they want instant results and they usually harm or kill their plants. I live in a soft water region, my tap water is 50ppm before anything is even added, then I add a fertiliser and dilute that to 200ppm, but I have no idea if that is too little or too much. I've seen so many different variations for ppm online, and fertiliser instructions also tend to say things like 'so many drops in a litre of water', or 'half a spoonful in so many litres of water', which isn't particularly accurate.

  4. Really informative Amanda! Thanks a ton. Guess what I was doing exactly same. I just spray seaweed solution or make my own tea leaves water and boil banana peels then put it both in diluted form. My plants wants just to eat, like all of them are becoming monsterous feeder 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 lol. My mom says " We eat less but our plants are always hungry for fertilizer and their growth so big " . That includes pothos in water!
    P. S- I am from India and tropical country with high humidity from March – till Nov.

  5. I want bigger leaves and more leaves. If I use fish emulsion and worm castings.. Will that give me the results I want? Use fish with each watering(weekly) or once or twice a month? Then just sprinkle castings on top of the dirt?

  6. I love youuuuuuuu, what is the difference between fertilizer and plant food and do I need to both AND if so how often. Thank you❤️

  7. I needed a video like this I have too many plant babies to research all there is. Your plants are thriving beautifully so I’ll take your advice ☺️🙏🏻🌸 thank you for the information ✨

  8. I live in the tropics and when my plants need watering I drench them in water only. Allow to drain then drench them in a weak seaweed solution (1/4 cap to 9 litres water). I do that every single time. Seems to work.

  9. Amanda, can you please make a video on how & what you use to fertilize your plants? We would greatly appreciate it 😊 TIA! 🙃

    I’m new to plants. But I bought fish emulsion and chelated iron. I want to give both of those with each watering. But the iron says do not mix with other fertilizer, fungicides, or incecticides unless compatibility is knows.

  11. I’m a beginner with plants and I’ve been trying to educate myself on all the different things I need to know needless to say I’ve watched a lot of videos and this one was very helpful thank you.

  12. Hi!! 🤩 Thank you for your great video's!!! Love them🥰 What N-P-K are you using for your beautiful plants?!!!

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