1. Sir i m watching each and every video on your channel….sir aapke videos dekh ke bahot jyada help hoti hai..sir i wnt to purchase mix moss rose seeds..konse company ke lena chahiye pls suggest

  2. dracaena marginata is dying , upper part has dried, no leaf is there, how can I save it , it was root bound for several days in a pot I repotted it , but still drying , any quick tips to save iy

  3. Sir I don't know if u ll reply but I sown my winter flower seed today and placed in place where it get mrng sunlight do I have to cover it with plastic sheets

  4. Sir, I have a hibiscus plant on the ground since 7-8 months. It has grown very bushy but no flowers. It has no pests so far. I have done pruning twice in last one month. Can I put cow dung manure dissolved in water, if so what should be the quantity and frequency. Plz advice. Thank you.

  5. 🇺🇲 Thank you for all the great information Dr. Please make a video on passion fruit. We are in the USA and will appreciate it you can include a time frame for cuttings, fertilizer and caring over winter for the plant. Many blessings to you.

  6. I don't know which variety of hibiscus i got from nursery, there was just one bud when i bought it and that only flowered for just one day and the next day the flower just closed and died which made me really really sad. Sir, please kindly reply which variety of hibiscus flowers for a long time?

  7. Dear Dr Agarwal, yet another informative videos on hibiscus. I have some good varieties of hibiscus plants but mylebug problem is too much. I spray neem oil soap every 10 days but these keep coming. I'll try your pesticide and see. Thanks once again. How can I post photos of hibiscus to you so that you'll be able to guide me better?

  8. Sir maine mere gudhal ko full sun mai laga rakha hai aur uspe koi insects bhi nahi laga hue mene usko compost bhi de rekha hai
    Har 15 din mai deta but still not flowering plant bhi BOHT healthy hai
    Maine usko banana peel fertilizer aur npk aur vermicompost tino diye hai last 2 months mai but still not flowering aur mera plant jamin mai laga hua hai

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