How To Install Drip Irrigation for Potted Plants

Installing drip irrigation for flower pots is fun, easy and gives you an opportunity to do something with your kids, even if they are in their mid 20s lol

Materials List and Cost, not sponsored, no affiliate links.

I was able to hook up one ¾” access point to get water, and then irrigate 5 pots. I could have added more, the pressure in my system could easily handle it.

¾” polyethylene tubing

Cost $22

¾” permalock male pipe threads adapter
Cost 75 cents

Pro Punch (works for ½” and ¾” tubing)

Cost $12

Adjustable dripper, barbed, 360 degree

Cost 35 cents each x 5

¼” vinyl tubing (drip tubing)

Cost $5

¼” barb tubing couplers

Cost 10 for 70 cents

Rigid PVC was obtained locally.

There is a drawback to this method – and that is this is tapping into an existing zone that also waters lawn space. The lawn irrigation requirements are much different than the lawn but this was the best course of action for me in this case. It was not worth the money or time to create an entirely new zone just to irrigate these pots. I’ll have to monitor going forward and strike a balance between the needs of the lawn and those of the pots.

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