How To Install Drip Irrigation for Potted Plants

Installing drip irrigation for flower pots is fun, easy and gives you an opportunity to do something with your kids, even if they are in their mid 20s lol

Materials List and Cost, not sponsored, no affiliate links.

I was able to hook up one ¾” access point to get water, and then irrigate 5 pots. I could have added more, the pressure in my system could easily handle it.

¾” polyethylene tubing

Cost $22

¾” permalock male pipe threads adapter
Cost 75 cents

Pro Punch (works for ½” and ¾” tubing)

Cost $12

Adjustable dripper, barbed, 360 degree

Cost 35 cents each x 5

¼” vinyl tubing (drip tubing)

Cost $5

¼” barb tubing couplers

Cost 10 for 70 cents

Rigid PVC was obtained locally.

There is a drawback to this method – and that is this is tapping into an existing zone that also waters lawn space. The lawn irrigation requirements are much different than the lawn but this was the best course of action for me in this case. It was not worth the money or time to create an entirely new zone just to irrigate these pots. I’ll have to monitor going forward and strike a balance between the needs of the lawn and those of the pots.

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  1. Watched a lot of other videos before I found this. BY FAR THE BEST EXPLANATION! And… done so beautifully running the lines concealed for that clean professional finish. Hats off to ya sir!

  2. I’m surprised that so many liked this video. I wanted an instructional video, not a lot of extra commentary. Have your materials ready and show me step by step what to do! I don’t need to see you opening the box, mowing your lawn, etc….. sorry, your place is beautiful, but just not what I was looking for!

  3. Yes, unroll like a spool of thread. Try doing it with barb wire, it won’t work unless you let the spool unwind itself in reverse order that it was originally wound at the factory! I know cause I live in the high plains of Kanza and have built many permanent 4 & 5 barb wire fences that are still standing 50 years later.

  4. You're out there, doing irrigation. Today I just set up the snowblower I just bought, and cried while doing it. Tomorrow I'll cry again as I winterize the toro timemaster. I have to say, though, I am excited to use a snowblower. First time I'll ever use one. Usually I'm shoveling snow off my massive drive way and the side walks that go around my quarter acre property (I live on a corner house), took me hours. So, there's something to look forward to. But I'm going to miss cutting my lawn while the Traeger is slow cooking ribs. Summer 2021 can't come soon enough.

  5. Sorry, not an irrigation ? but I need HELP. With all the S.FL. rains, why do I see (Scotts) weed n feed and insect fertilizer on my brown areas that was layed down 30 days ago???

  6. Hello I have a question it’s already cold in. Houston Texas it’s like 50• f and I was worried can I cut my grass or can it kill it ?
    It’s st Augustine by the way

  7. Hey FreedomRock44 It was great fun and I love spending time with LCN and Mrs LCN. Since I live in WNC (western N C ) we don't get to do this often enough. Love your handle LET FREEDOM RING.

  8. Great Job!! I've converted my little citrus grove from conventional sprinklers over to drip emitters and the change was incredible. I'm using 2/3 less water and the trees got and immediate boost of growth, looking so healthy. The drippers get the water down deep where it's required.

  9. Funny, I was thinking of that same commercial when you asked your son. I'm 61 and remember that as a young man. Saturday morning cartoons! I just received your 24-4-8 Macro-Micro blend and plan on using as a winterizer. I'm in St. Louis and like most of the Midwest you never know what kind of weather your going to get. We're below average now. We've had some mid to high 30's over night. High 40's during the day. I think it may get back to normal soon around 65 for the days, but who knows. Question, is there a low temp that you shouldn't drop fert? A week before official fall I threw down CX DIY 24-0-4 and she's as green as ever now, especially with the cool weather. Oh, Fescue. Thanks Allyn!

  10. It always looks easier when someone else is doing it! But thanks for giving me something to "noodle on" over the winter. Maybe I'll tackle this with my teenagers next spring. It's a real chore keeping all those flowers hydrated…

  11. Allyn, I really enjoyed this video as I love my flowers in pots. Going to try this next spring as it has snowed in southeastern Colorado, everything froze. Awesome for you to include your son, you have a big heart Alllyn! God blessed you with your son's! Your a good person! By the way, my sprinklers system is Toro! Another reason to send Angus to La Junta!

  12. You made my day! Today we‘ve got the information that we‘ll star our 2nd lock down in Germany next monday…. so its great to see smoth lawn vids from the Sunny State!!

    Hygenic greets from a Lawn Bro from Germany

  13. Allyn> I like how you put that cage over the pool. Really nice! Yes we have to put the Drip Irrigation on a few plants. Actually the plants love to be watered from the bottom. I love the color of your pots! Thanks for showing us how you did this step by step! You are awesome! Big Hugs from Northern Idaho> Deborah & Paul

  14. Allyn, one solution for regulating the watering of flowers may be to put an on/off valve. That way when you want to water the lawn but not the flowers you can. If you want to get real geeky you can install a solenoid valve to the flower line that can open or close at the flip of a switch. Would require some lengthy electrical but its probably better than creating a whole new zone for the flower pots. Just a thought.

  15. I discovered DIY drip irrigation this summer too…it's so gratifyingly easy that I was practically begging the Mrs. to do more plantings. I enjoyed the video as it offered a great new idea how to hide the lines….THANK YOU

  16. I love me a good mountain top garage. Nothing better. This is a fantastic video showing drip and I love how you fed the line through the weep hole in the bottom of the pot.

  17. Nice video. I installed drip irrigation with my new system this spring and I'm still learning as well. Rainbird also sells popup "micro sprays" for areas that have a lot of plant coverage. I'm planning on expanding my drip system in next spring once we get more flower beds cut in at our new house.

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