How to Leach Potted Plants

How to maintain healthly house plants by washing their soil periodically to remove accumulated salts and minerals due to soluble fertilizers and regular tap-water.

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  1. Pertaining to Japanese Maples in larger container's … how do you leach if your tap/garden water is high in saline & alkalinity?  I've been buying up purified/distilled water by the gallons and flushing the container.  The water is poured rapidly, instead of how you direct … slowly.  Will my method still work?  In year one they are still being subjected to leaf-burn & de-foliation.  Thanks!

  2. My mom use to make us run the house plants outside when it rained in the summer. I also remember her using distilled water to water the plants.

  3. I tried to explain this to my mother about her house plants. I tried to get her to under stand the plants had to take a bath so to speak. Once I showed her your video we tried all of her house plants. Not only have the plants flourished since but took care of a fungus Kant problem she couldn't get under control

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