How to Make a Wooden Pot Stand – DIY Projects for your Plants

Looking for Lockdown DIY you can do at home? Here’s how to make a wooden pot stand using just a few simple materials – Wood, dowels, screws and wood glue. This cost me less than £2.50 to make plus it’s perfect for small pots and big pots.

This pot plant holder also takes hardly any time to make. With the right DIY tools, this pot plant stand can be constructed in less than an hour. It’s the perfect DIY project if you’re looking for something to do during lockdown, or you want to make a gift for someone.

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Tools and supplies you’ll need for this project:

– Plant pot
– Long pieces of wood
– Wood glue or No More Nails
– Screws
– Dowels
– Varnish/paint (optional)
– Saw
– Drill and Screwdriver
– Pencil and measuring tape