1. For anyone who cannot find Visor, look for "Content Browser" instead. Everything is in there now.

  2. Sir can you please tell me that how I select row? because When I try to select the row it select whole object

  3. Maybe it was just me, but you were so quiet! Even with volume turned all the way up on YouTube, desktop and later with speakers plugged in and turned up to max!! Once again, I say that maybe it was just me..

  4. Hey mike, are those plants images? Or is that a file that came with maya? If so, how do you do this with a plant of our own image/texture/file?

  5. Hey, just a random question, are you Dutch given some of the names of the jpeg's in your library (schoolverzuim etc.)?

  6. hey, after i converted my flows to polygons, it took the color away. Is their any way to fix this?

  7. when I drug the plants on the grid its tinny to see.How can I make the plants big?Using Maya 2016

  8. in ur video table clothe show in gray color but when I made it become two color in black and gray why problem show in my side

  9. Did you create the leaf models yourself or can you find them in Maya? I don't have time to create it all myself as my university project is due in half a week and am making a plant, this video was really helpful by the way.

  10. Mike your tutorials are brilliant, I have been using maya for two months now , due to your videos I have been able to take characters and assets from mudbox and others and create animated small clips , etc. Keep up the great work and thanks.

    Regards ,

  11. Hello Mike!Can you answer me a question?When I drawing a leaf,but it's disappear??how could I keep a leaf?

  12. Hi, I used several leaves to make my plant fuller. Can you tell me how to not let a leaf pass through another one? It looks weird. Thanks.

  13. I am a beginner and I have a problem with scaling. When i try to scale manually like 2:28 it suddenly increases/decreases. For example if object's height is 3 it jumps to 6 then 9…How can I change it?

  14. Hi Mike Hermes,
    I was wondering if you could tell me how to fix my texture settings because when i apply texture it does not appear in my view untill i render it :/

  15. Recently I modeled an interior and I used Soften to make the models more smooth, but they showed up clunky in the scene (but smooth in the maya software render). When you use it it seems to work perfectly though.

  16. of course his channel grows fast his tutorials are so good. you are explaining everything so good, in much tutorials i have to watch it over and over cause i dont understand. i watch youre video ones and everything is clear for me. BTW thx for the awsome tutorials 🙂 

  17. Hi Mike:

    When using Paint FX and you want to render in Mental Ray do you have to change them to Polys and is this the standard for all Paint FX.

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