How to Plant a Tipsy Pot Plant Tower How did you do that? You’ll hear that question from friends and neighbors the first time they see your beautiful tipsy pot tower in your garden or on your deck. Learn how easy it is to put together these towers and find out where to get this incredible plant stand.


  1. I am new to gardening and would love to make this potted tower. However, what kind of flowers and plants should I put? I do not know what plants would be small enough to grow in pots like this. What flowers and plants are the best to use for this potted tower?

  2. O w1puld lole to know how o1t11 tilt that far when the holes are not that big. Wish had watch start not with plants in them all videos I see dont show the bottom of pots:(

  3. I really enjoyed this idea and am going to try it.  QUESTION:  Can you do herbs and succulents in the same manner.  I am not sure which ones are in the same water/sun family.  With succulents and herbs especially MINTS it seems like a like like family.  How did you determine the families.  I don't think this tape was too long some people take 1/2 hour to say 5 minutes of information.  SUGGESTION:  try watering with plastic water bottles that you put holes in for slow drip and if you freeze the water bottles it would probably take all evening for them to water, I really enjoyed this tape and will try it.  Please advise for the like families.

  4. great idea, i have a question…  does the bottom pot have any rocks or cement to hold the pole in place?, i havent tried it, but it seems to me that it is too much weight to be able to stay in palce, thanks 

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